Science and technology Morning Post | Lenovo responded to the withdrawal of IPO; Squid game is popular all over the world, helping Netflix’s share price soar


Editor’s note: what are the important contents of this issue of science and technology morning post? Lenovo responded by withdrawing its IPO; Huawei’s “talented youth” responded to the self-made manipulator; Lack of core leads to “distribution reduction” of many auto enterprises; Squid game explosion, behind the company’s market value rose 120 billion; IPhone 14 Pro rendering first exposure.
Big company
Frontline Lenovo responded by withdrawing its IPO: considering the business scale and complexity, some financial information may become invalid
On the evening of October 10, Lenovo group responded to the recent initiative to cancel the IPO of the science and innovation board. Lenovo announced on the official website of the Hong Kong stock exchange that, considering the business scale and complexity, the financial information in the prospectus may expire during the review of the application. At the same time, Lenovo also said that after considering the latest issuance and listing and other capital market related situations, it finally decided to withdraw the CDR application. The announcement also said that the withdrawal of the application would not affect the financial situation of Lenovo Group. (Tencent News periscope)
Huawei’s “gifted youth” responded to the self-made manipulator: it has nothing to do with Huawei and is no longer a teenager
On October 10, zhihuijun, the up Master of station B, recently made a small high-precision mechanical arm dummy by taking advantage of the National Day holiday, and this mechanical arm can even stitch grapes through remote control. The up master also has an identity as Huawei AI architect and has the title of Huawei genius youth. His self-made manipulator has aroused extensive discussion. Various articles and netizens comment on the words “Huawei genius youth”, greatly praised the project, and some even think that he is a team of up to 100 people.
On the evening of October 9, Zhi Huijun himself sent a document to respond to this matter. Zhi Huijun said that this project is not as magical as the outside world said, but a small amateur project. He also said that many components in the system were technical projects accumulated before, and it didn’t take only four months to build from scratch. He also refuted the rumor that the project had nothing to do with Huawei. However, he revealed that the company leaders were very happy to see it and asked whether to reimburse the production expenses. (Sanyan Finance)
Tesla rival rivian will produce its own battery, and a new factory is under construction
On October 10, according to foreign media reports, rivian, a new power of electric vehicles in the United States, recently released the news that it will independently develop and produce power batteries. It is reported that rivian has independently developed power transmission system (motor, inverter and gearbox), battery module and battery pack, electronic control unit (ECU) and corresponding software programs. Rivian officials said that they hope to improve the enterprise’s product ecosystem, especially the product development and operation infrastructure, so as to improve product innovation ability and customer experience. Meanwhile, rivian’s future product lineup will be further expanded. (car things)
Due to the lack of core, many auto enterprises “reduced the allocation”. Ideal auto said that it was untrue to buy chips on the black market, and it made up the radar in four months
It was reported on October 10 that under the dilemma of chip shortage, car companies are trying their best to ensure “delivery”. On October 7, ideal auto officially released the “ideal one delivery plan”: according to the wishes of customers, vehicles lacking two radars will be delivered in the early stage, and some vehicle functions will not be used.
On the evening of October 9, China business reported that ideal car recently purchased thousands of electronic parking (EPB) chips from the black market. The normal price of EPB chips was about 6 yuan / chip, and the purchase price of ideal car reached about 5000 yuan / chip, 800 times higher than the normal price. In this regard, Tencent automobile also verified with ideal automobile. The relevant person of ideal automobile public relations department made it clear that the news reported by the media that “buy chips at a high price from the black market” is not true. (Tencent auto)
Musk: Tesla FSD beta 10.2 will go online tomorrow night
On October 10, when replying to netizens, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said: the working team has just confirmed that FSD beta 10.2 will be launched tomorrow night (converted to early morning the day after Beijing time). Musk previously said that the FSD was originally scheduled to go online on Friday, but it was postponed for some reasons. It is reported that according to the safety level, about 1000 car owners are provided every day. (it home)
“Squid game” is popular all over the world. The market value of the company behind it has soared by 120 billion! But the real winner is
On October 10, it was reported that in less than a month, the Korean series “squid game” launched by Netflix (hereinafter referred to as “Netflix”) even gave people the illusion that “the world is watching, and I will fall behind if I don’t watch it anymore”. Ted salandos, the joint CEO of Netflix, publicly stated that “squid game” is likely to become the most successful film and television work in our history. ”
“Squid game” became popular, and Naifei made a lot of profits. It once again boosted the number of global paying users of Naifei, accelerated the globalization process of Naifei, and boosted its market value. On the day of the broadcast of “squid game” on September 17, Naifei’s closing share price was US $589.35 per share. As of October 8, the closing price was US $632.66 per share, an increase of 7.35%, and the market value increased by about US $19.2 billion (about 123.7 billion yuan). (Daily Economic News)
The impact of continuous downtime of FB: users began to reflect on their ways of making money and look for backup plans
On October 10, lakinya Francis is setting up a LinkedIn account, Haley Sanchez is expanding her email list, and Michael elefante plans to set up his own website.

Francis runs a consulting firm to help people make money through vending machines. “It’s good that we’re too focused on what works, but we need a backup plan, especially when we rely so much on Facebook technology,” he said, Now they are reconsidering where to publish content. (Tencent Technology)
New technology
First exposure of iPhone 14 Pro rendering: extremely high authenticity, cancel bangs
On October 10, users turned their attention to the latest particularly popular iPhone 14 series in view of various problems with the iPhone 13 series and IOS 15 this year. Foreign media sources said that the iPhone 14 Pro decided to cancel the bangs screen and released the latest rendering. When the iPhone 13 series was not on sale, the blogger had been exposed, and the final authenticity was very high. The iPhone 14 Pro phone exposed this time still has high credibility.
IPhone 14 Pro series will completely abandon Liu Haiping, who has make complaints about it. Finally, he caught up with Android’s dug screen scheme in 2022, but adopted a similar “pill” strip hole. Apple is also designed to ensure the placement of face ID components and retain the most secure face recognition scheme on the mobile phone. (Zhongguancun Online)
IPhone se 3 exposure: unchanged appearance and performance upgrade
On October 10, it is reported that Apple plans to release the iPhone se 3 next spring. The new model is consistent with the cash model in terms of overall dimensions, but the more important change is to add 5g support and upgrade the A15 processor. In other words, iPhone se 3 can be understood as having the shape of iPhone 8 and the inner structure of iPhone 13. The front is still a 4.7-inch display screen, with touch ID home key with fingerprint function, snapdragon X60 baseband, etc. It is reported that the iPhone se 3 will be put into production in December this year. (Zhongguancun Online)
Other highlights
Global connection | Chinese autonomous underwater robot completes Arctic undersea scientific research
On October 10, recently, the “exploration 4500” autonomous underwater robot developed under the auspices of Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully completed the scientific investigation task of high latitude sea ice covered areas in the Arctic in China’s 12th Arctic scientific expedition. The overall shape of this “exploration 4500” autonomous underwater robot looks like a fat “big yellow croaker”, which is very cute. It followed the scientific research team for 79 days and performed well in the scientific investigation with a total voyage of 14000 nautical miles. (global connection)