Former Apple executives are under criminal investigation and have been accused of divulging the company’s trade secrets


Tencent technology news on October 9, Simon Lancaster, the former head of materials sued by apple for disclosing the company’s trade secrets to the media, is currently under criminal investigation for stealing trade secrets.
On Thursday, in view of the criminal investigation initiated by the district attorney of Santa Clara, California, Leicester’s lawyer filed a motion to suspend Apple’s civil lawsuit. Due to the similar nature of the two lawsuits, “originating from the same core of facts”, the evidence found in the apple case may involve lecast’s Fifth Amendment rights because it is related to the pending criminal investigation.
The state’s case was apparently filed before Apple sued, although Leicester didn’t know about it until recently. The motion holds that “allowing these two proceedings to continue will put the plaintiff in an unsustainable position. He must choose between exercising his constitutional right to oppose self incrimination and defending himself in civil proceedings.”
Lecaster’s team is providing information to meet the initial findings and is committed to potential solutions for Apple’s actions. Therefore, the motion said that California has obtained “far more information than it would normally see under normal circumstances, which will be expanded if civil proceedings continue. “Without extension, Leicester will face a heavy burden of choosing between defending himself in civil proceedings and abandoning the privilege of the fifth amendment,” the motion wrote. “Since the allegations in the complaint almost completely overlap with the subject matter of the criminal investigation, these proceedings need to be suspended in the interests of justice.”
In March this year, apple took Leicester, who had worked for 11 years, to court, accusing the latter of stealing and divulging trade secrets to the media in exchange for their positive coverage of their start-up company. Apple said in the indictment at that time: “Although Leicester has worked in the company for more than ten years, he abused his position and trust in the company and systematically leaked Apple’s sensitive trade secrets for personal interests. He used his qualifications to access internal meetings and documents containing apple’s trade secrets outside the scope of his responsibilities, and provided these trade secrets to his associates According to people familiar with the matter, the media released the trade secrets stolen by Leicester in various forms.
The indictment also said that after leaving apple, Leicester had closer contact with media reporters. Apple investigated the company’s equipment used by Leicester, determined that he had maintained long-term contact with reporters, and found his way to obtain more apple trade secrets. Leicester sent him specific product details at the request of the reporter, sometimes using the equipment provided by apple, and others Hou sent it using a private device. The trade secrets he leaked include product plans for unpublished devices and updates to existing production lines.
Leicester began working at Apple in 2008 and worked at the company for 11 years until leaving on November 1, 2019. His responsibilities include evaluating materials and prototype innovation to support future generations of products. Leicester is said to have helped redesign 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Pro with touch bar and “unpublished Apple products” Because of his high position, Leicester was granted access to some apple confidential information. After leaving apple, Leicester joined the material research and development company called arris composites as the director of consumer products. Apple said that arris was also its supplier, which enabled Leicester to continue to steal its trade secrets. Moreover, on the last day before leaving apple, Leicester He has downloaded a “large number” of confidential documents from Apple’s corporate network to his personal computer, which will benefit him at arris.
Leicester insisted that he was innocent and claimed that his actions had been misunderstood in his legal response to Apple’s lawsuit. For example, he admitted asking for a positive report on arris, but said that no confidential information was used to exchange privileges. He continued to claim that he contacted the reporter who wrote the leaked article to discuss workplace issues rather than divulge product details. (compiled by Tencent technology / Wuji)