Apple appealed the epic antitrust ruling, and the app store changed or delayed for several years


Tencent technology news on October 9, local time in the United States on Friday, apple filed an appeal against the ruling of game developer Epic Games v. its monopoly case and asked to suspend the execution of a court ruling. The ruling requires apple to adjust its app store policy and allow developers to inform customers of other subscription and service payment methods outside the app store.
According to the long-standing regulations of the app store, developers shall not inform users of their apps that they can visit these companies’ websites or other places to pay for services. The judge gave Apple 90 days to change the rules and allow developers to promote alternative payment methods.
If Apple wins the decision to suspend the execution of the court order (the judge will make a ruling in November), a rule change that may allow developers to avoid the 15% to 30% commission of the app store may not take effect until the end of the appeal, which may take several years.
In September this year, among the 10 charges filed by fortress night developer Epic Games, US judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers made nine rulings in favor of apple. Epic Games is looking to install its own app store on the iPhone. Kate Adams, Apple’s general counsel, said at the time that the ruling was a “huge victory”.
However, Apple has also been ordered to make major changes to its app store, allowing mobile apps to guide consumers to use external payment methods, which may provide a way to avoid Apple App Store commissions. The ban is currently scheduled to take effect on 9 December. Apple has not publicly explained how its app store policy will change under the order, but many developers have begun to develop software based on their interpretation of the ruling.
Tristan kosmynka, Apple’s senior director of application audit, said in a document on Friday: “from a higher level, my judgment is that if there are no deliberate restrictions to protect consumers, developers and IOS platforms, this change will harm the broader interests of users, developers and IOS platforms.”
Apple representatives said that Apple might be able to change the app store policy and discuss with the judge, so as to eliminate the need to comply with the court order. Over the past year, Apple has made several small concessions to critics of its app distribution rules in response to litigation and regulatory concerns as part of its strategy to limit more significant changes in its app store. Apple argued that the company should be able to decide which software is allowed to run on the iPhone in order to provide what the company calls a better user experience.
In a document describing the suspension of court orders, apple cited some of the concessions it made in a separate settlement agreement with other small developers in August. The settlement is still awaiting the approval of judge Rogers.
“The suspension of the request will enable apple to protect consumers and maintain the security of its platform. At the same time, the company will strive to solve complex and rapidly evolving legal, technical and economic issues, which will be involved in any revision of the guidelines,” Apple’s lawyer said in the document
The judge also ordered Epic Games to pay damages to apple. Epic Games filed a notice of appeal in September, but its company representative declined to comment.
If application developers can eventually charge their customers directly instead of using Apple’s in app purchase system, it will threaten the latter’s profit engine. The app store is an important part of Apple’s service business, with sales of $53.8 billion in fiscal year 2020 and a gross profit margin of 66%, accounting for about 20% of Apple’s revenue. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)