Apple plans “ironheart”: it is reported that it will use iPhone to control air conditioning, seats, radio, etc


According to Bloomberg on October 7, Apple’s car system Carplay has been used by millions of drivers to control music, obtain driving routes and make calls, but the company still seeks to expand its influence in the automotive field.
According to people familiar with the matter, apple is developing technology that can access functions such as air conditioning system, speedometer, radio and seats to control these functions through iPhone. The apple car program, internally known as “ironheart”, is still in its early stages and needs to work with carmakers.
Craig Owen, an analyst at Roth capital partners, an investment company, said that investors watching Tesla should be worried about Apple’s launch of auto products. “The biggest catalyst in the next few years will be Apple cars released in 2024, but Apple may follow Porsche and slowly expand production capacity. I expect Apple’s technology will be amazing”.
He gave Tesla’s target share price of $150, which means Tesla’s share price will fall 81%. Owen said Tesla also faces other short-term risks, from the increasingly fierce competition from other traditional automobile manufacturers.