Interview with Apple CEO Cook: mental health is a crisis, often hiking decompression


Tencent technology news on October 6, Tim Cook, CEO of apple, said in an interview during his recent trip to New York that mental health is a crisis. He called on people to pay more attention to their mental health and shared his way of relaxation.
This is cook’s first visit to New York in two years. He started a day’s work at the apple store in Soho District of lower Manhattan, then watched the iPhone photo exhibition at the international photography center in the Lower East District, and then met Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah lidey, two former colleagues who later became the co-founder of mental health app shine, Apple believes shine is the best convenience its device can provide.
Shine’s approach is simple: provide inclusive and instructive meditation and diary skills. Naomi Hirabayashi said, “when we see the way to promote or talk about health at the mainstream level, it doesn’t resonate. It feels like selling a luxury to specific people, including people of specific body size or specific disposable income.” shine currently has 4 million users in more than 189 countries and regions, Its enterprise add-on software shine at work is used by companies such as smile direct club to promote mental health in the workplace.
This is not the first time Apple has sent a signal to promote this special effort. In 2019, shine was selected to participate in the first “Apple entrepreneur summer camp”, which is a two-week project. Founders from underrepresented communities can have exclusive access to Apple engineers, strategists and business leaders. “It will take us years to really learn from testing and failure, so integrating it into a truly concise plan is a huge catalytic moment,” Liddy said
Since then, the app has seen exponential growth. “Novel coronavirus pneumonia and other crises, we have seen the best growth so far, and we really haven’t changed much,” said Li. Although the meeting with Cook is an important milepost. Naomi Hirabayashi explained the day before their meeting: “our office is in flatiron District, which is why we want to meet there. This area has a lot of special significance for us because we put forward the concept of shine here and opened our first office.”
It was an exciting meeting for the two founders. Liddy said: “when we started up there, we would be surprised if someone told us that we would meet cook in five years.” after the meeting, cook received an exclusive interview and was asked what mental health applications deserve special attention in 2021, and how leaders can strike a balance between employees’ mental health and providing severe feedback, Why even Steve jobs can’t predict the size of the application market.
Q: why do you emphasize that what shine is doing is so important to you?
Cook: Shine won the Apple’s best of the app store award in 2020, and probably no other year will make it more important. Factors such as the epidemic and the murder of black American George Floyd converge in a way that no one can predict.
I think mental health is a crisis. This is a phrase “seriously stigmatized”. For a long time, people were suffering silently and like isolation from the world. Shine has done a lot of incredible work to organize the community and put many different things together, which will make the change essentially carried out in a systematic way rather than a simple slogan. So what they did left a super deep impression on me.
Q: the two founders of shine told me that as leaders of this work, they feel it is important to talk about their mental health. Is this what you did?
Cook: I’m doing it, too. I always talk about ways to free me from stress. For me, my meditation is hiking. Swimming in nature makes people feel so small in this world, and many problems often seem insignificant. I will indeed speak freely about this. I think it’s important. You know, I have no s on my chest and no cloak on my back. Like others, I am suffering from the epidemic. I know I have privileges in many ways, but none of us can be unaffected in terms of mental health.
Q: we are still far from that kind of management, but I want to know how you coordinate as a leader and give employees mental health feedback in your own work. For example, people feel uneasy when you try to give difficult feedback. Is this the situation you’ve struggled with?
Cook: I think we’ve all met this situation because you want to be frank. But I believe there is a way to do this constructively, not destructively. I try my best to be a constructive person. This is a very important issue. If you avoid doing it because you are afraid, it’s not good because you haven’t helped anyone. All this is to be the best of yourself. When you think so, you often let go of your guard.
Q: interestingly, at a time when the discussion about technology is so worrying, you have attracted people’s attention to applications like shine, especially the recent reports on how Facebook and instagram affect young people. Is this your top priority?

Cook: I always believe that technology should serve mankind, not vice versa. I always worry about people using technology too much. Therefore, we launched “screen time” to try to let people really understand the time they spend on the device, because generally speaking, it is much more than they say.
But this is just one element. I often worry about endless rolling, worrying about being surrounded by negative emotions, and so on. Therefore, to promote companies like shine and let people have a look is a great use of our technology, because it really serves mankind. Their whole company is based on this. This is the way we look at the world. We want people to do things with their devices, such as photography exhibitions we all like, or contact family and friends through FaceTime. Instead of endless blind scrolling.
Q: have you ever experienced a situation when you use the device in a way that later thought “actually it’s not very good”?
Cook: Maybe! Like many people, I find that when we use “screen time”, my estimation of what I’m doing is different from reality, which really leads to my change. I hope everyone goes through this process.
Q: look back at the first launch of the app store in 2008 and Steve Jobs’ prediction of its success. The market has now greatly exceeded his expectations. What do you think is the reason for its success and its scale so unpredictable?
Cook: I think we all live in a small box. Apple does a good job in products. Our intuition is that everyone will eventually want a smartphone, but we didn’t foresee that this situation will come true so quickly. Because I remember we talked about “should Apple make feature phones?” but we thought: “no, no, no, the future is smart phones, so let’s focus on it.”
But no one predicted that there would be 1.8 million applications in the app store, and more than 2 million people were developing applications in the United States alone. Last year, the transaction volume of the entire app store ecosystem exceeded 170 billion US dollars in the United States alone. Globally, the app store system achieved sales of US $643 billion in 2020. These were unimaginable things at that time. Think about it. It’s an economic miracle. This is why applications like shine can have global business. I mean, they started a global business from a coffee shop.
Q: Naomi Hirabayashi and Lidi are also members of Apple entrepreneur summer camp. Can you tell me something about how and why Apple supports the developer community?
Cook: it’s exciting that there are nearly 30 million registered developers around the world. We try to simplify the development process by providing a large number of development tools. In these tools, people don’t have to do heavy work, but they can focus on their passion. They don’t have to worry about launching development tools and things like that. We are trying to create a level playing field so that everyone with good ideas can start a business around the world.
Q: finally, besides shine, what are your favorite apps?
Cook: I like many applications, and I don’t know how to choose between them. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)