Ten years after jobs’ death, apple only knows how to extract the value of loyal users?


Tencent technology news on October 4, 10 years after the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the company has grown into a device and service giant and become the world’s most valuable listed technology company. However, for the hard core fans of Steve Jobs, who is regarded as a science and technology legend, they can’t help lamenting that Apple has lost its old aura of innovation.
Since taking charge of apple in August 2011, “Apple no longer has the spirit of innovation” or “Steve Jobs is so angry that he is going to climb out of the grave”. Such disappointing tweets often appear at product launches hosted by Tim Cook. At each press conference, cook used exaggerated words, just as jobs once released cameras or chips for smartphones, tablets and other devices. But can these be regarded as revolutionary innovations in the post jobs era?
Rob Enderle, a technology industry analyst at Enderle group, said: “Apple has lost the ability to launch innovative products that could subvert the entire market. On the contrary, Apple has become a company focused on finance, very effectively squeezing the potential of loyal users.”
Since its establishment in the garage in 1976, Apple has affected the lives of hundreds of millions of people. The iPod launched in 2011 and the iPhone launched in 2007 have brought the Internet into people’s pockets. Since then, Apple has released an online watch – Apple watch.
Well known analyst Carolina milanesi pointed out: “innovation is always the standard to measure apple, which is the focus of attention. In addition, another aspect of a company’s success is its ability to change itself.”
Apple has indeed diversified by adding many carefully integrated services to its devices, including music, payment, video and games. The company must understand the world outside the hardware business. Miranis described this strategy as “bringing more people to apple and keeping them in it”.
Walter Isaacson wrote in his biography that jobs may not refuse this direction because he tried to control the customer experience from beginning to end.
But in any case, apple under cook has made Wall Street more satisfied: 10 years ago, the value of the apple brand was about $350 billion, and now it is worth $2.3580 trillion. Dan ives, an analyst at US investment bank wedbush securities, predicted: “we think Apple’s market value will reach $3 trillion in the next six to nine months.”
Like many observers of the California giant, unlike jobs’ fans, Ives believes that Apple has never stopped inventing. He particularly mentioned the development of M1 chip, which has replaced Intel’s processor in many new devices.
Ives said, “I think both apple and cook are keeping pace with the times, and I also believe that jobs believes in the essence of innovation.” but he pointed out that in the next few years, the iPhone will continue to be the “heart and lung” of Apple’s growth story, but he predicted that by 2024, virtual reality (VR) devices and apple cars will come out and become the new business core.
Those nostalgic critics can hardly deny that cook and his team have been going against the current in recent years. The global chip shortage does not seem to have much impact on the company’s ability to meet demand.
Compared with other giants such as Google and Facebook, Apple has so far been relatively intact in antitrust, although it has been forced to relax its control over its app store. But European and US regulators are extremely skeptical about the dominance and global influence of this behemoth.
There are also thorny issues, such as the recent emergency software repair to prevent the intrusion of powerful Pegasus spyware, and Apple’s sudden decision to postpone an anti child abuse measure, which has attracted criticism from privacy activists.
Many observers say Jobs’s grumpy attitude is not suitable for dealing with such delicate matters. “In the past decade, I don’t think Steve Jobs’s grumpy style can continue. In my opinion, cook is a more suitable Apple leader in the current market environment and society.” (reviewed by Tencent technology / golden deer)