Former chief design officer of apple: I miss Steve jobs every day


Tencent technology news on October 5, after Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011, the company’s chief design officer Johnny ive delivered a eulogy, calling him “my closest and most loyal friend”.
Ivy later resigned from apple and set up a creative team, lovefrom. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of jobs’ death, Ivy wrote a public article in the Wall Street Journal to commemorate jobs.
The full text is as follows:
I hardly thought about jobs’ death. My memory of that cruel and heartbreaking day 10 years ago seems scattered and random. I don’t remember how I drove home, but I remember the hazy sky in October and sitting silently in the garden with Tim Cook for a long time.
Since Steve Jobs’s eulogy, I have never publicly talked about our friendship, our adventure or our cooperation. I’ve never read a flood of cover stories, obituaries or strange and wrong descriptions of folk rumors. But I think of jobs every day.
Lauren (jobs’ widow) and I have a good relationship. Our two families have known each other for nearly 30 years and have experienced death and birthday together. We often get together to chat, often talk about jobs, but rarely talk about me and his work. Most importantly, we talked about the future and his extraordinary and inspiring work at Emerson collective.
When Lauren’s smart, curious children ask their father, I can’t help it. I can talk happily for hours about this extraordinary genius I love. We have been working together for nearly 15 years. Most of the time we have lunch together and spend the afternoon in the design studio. It was the happiest, most creative and happiest time of my life.
There is no doubt that jobs is the best, strangest and heaviest person I have ever met. His insatiable curiosity is not limited or disturbed by his knowledge or experience. He always keeps full of energy, although sometimes he is a little restless. He practiced his curiosity deliberately and rigorously.
Many of us are naturally curious about many things. I believe that after receiving a traditional education or working in a crowded environment, curiosity is a decision that needs the help of heart and discipline. In larger groups, our conversations tend to be tangible and measurable. It is more comfortable, easier and more socially acceptable to talk about what is known. But for jobs, curiosity and exploring tentative ideas were much more important than being accepted by society.
Common curiosity brings us together and forms the basis of our pleasant and fruitful cooperation. I think it also eases our fear of doing something radical.
Jobs was concerned about the nature and quality of his own thinking. He has high expectations of himself and tries to think in a way that rare vitality, elegance and discipline complement each other. His preciseness and tenacity set up a dazzling high threshold. When he can’t think satisfactorily, he will complain, just as I complain about my knee.
As ideas took shape, although they were still tentative and fragile, jobs recognized that this was a sacred field. He has a deep understanding and respect for the creative process. He understood that creation should be given special respect, not just when the idea is good enough or the environment is appropriate.
Ideas are also fragile. If these problems are solved, they will no longer be ideas, but become products. It takes determination not to be swallowed up by the problems involved in a new idea. These questions are easy to express and understand, and they need more space. Jobs focused on real ideas, although some were one-sided or unlikely.
I thought it would be comforting to miss my best friend and creative partner and his extraordinary vision so far. But this is not the case. Ten years later, he managed to avoid a simple place in my memory. My understanding of him is to refuse to keep warm or quiet. This understanding is also growing and evolving over time.
Perhaps this is a comment on the noisy opinions and ugly hasty judgment of daily life, but now, most importantly, I miss its uniqueness and beauty. In addition to jobs’ ideas and vision, I also miss his insight, which brought order to chaos. This has nothing to do with his legendary communication skills, but with his obsession with simplicity, truth and purity. Jobs was not distracted by money or power, but prompted him to truly express his love and appreciation for all mankind.
Jobs truly believed that by doing something useful, powerful and beautiful, we expressed our love for mankind. When jobs left apple in the 1980s, he called his new company next. He is very good at naming
After working for nearly 30 years, I left apple because my curiosity drove me to learn and find new ways to make useful contributions. Jobs’ strong motivation decided the name of my next adventure – love from.
Although I am very lucky to continue working with my dear friends at Apple, I am also very lucky to explore and create with those new friends. Lauren and I finally started working together. In fact, we have been working together for decades.
The last thing Jobs said to me was that I would miss the days of chatting together. Lauren was sitting on the floor beside her bed, with her back against the wall.
After jobs died, I went into the garden. I remember hearing the latch when I gently closed the wooden door. In the garden, I sit and think. Chatting often hinders listening and thinking. Maybe that’s why we are always silent for so long.
I miss Steve jobs very much and always miss the days when I had a tacit understanding with him. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)