Single crystal nano copper, the key raw material for chip production, realizes mass production in China


According to CCTV news on October 2, today, China’s first single crystal nano copper intelligent processing production line was put into operation in Pingyang, Wenzhou. This marks the realization of domestic mass production of the key material for chip manufacturing – single crystal nano copper. The technological breakthrough of single crystal nano copper has realized the replacement of other precious metals with new copper-based materials in China, greatly reducing the cost and reducing the price by nearly 50% compared with similar foreign products. This raw material is mainly used in chips in the fields of communication, automobile, medical treatment and industrial control. At present, the annual production capacity of Pingyang production base is 5 million reels. After reaching the production capacity, it will meet about 10% of the use needs of relevant domestic industries and contribute to the goal of “breaking the blockade and replacing imports” of China’s integrated circuits.