The seventh day of National Day is happy, and the sun is the happiest!


The seven day National Day holiday officially opened and the # circle of friends photography competition # started! Come and bask in the beautiful scenery you encounter along the way, and remember to call your relatives and friends to praise you.
Activity time
October 1-7, 2021
Participation mode
Open Tencent News app, search # circle of friends photography contest #, click to enter the topic interaction.
The content includes but is not limited to recording you and your vacation with photos, sharing the story behind the photos, sharing photography skills, etc.
We look forward to your beautiful photos of your vacation, and remember to call your relatives and friends to praise you~
The content of the activity must be original.
Activity motivation
If you participate in topic interaction, you will have the opportunity to get a Tencent video annual card.
Selection rules
1. During the event, the number of likes on that day will be counted after 23:30 every day. The content published on that day is only valid on that day. The number of likes is the top 3 users of the day, and each user gets one Tencent video annual card;
2. The same account can only be selected once at most during the activity period;
3. All original content released by selected users will be publicized the next day;
4. If there is no objection to the publicity, we will contact the selected users for distribution after the national day.