Xiaomi confirmed that Gao Ziguang, vice president of the group, resigned for personal reasons


On the afternoon of September 30, according to latepost, Gao Ziguang, vice president of Xiaomi group and general manager of Sales Department 1 in China, resigned today. The next step is to be determined. Before leaving, Gao Ziguang managed new retail businesses such as xiaomi.com and Xiaomi home, and is the core figure of Xiaomi’s current expansion of offline channels.
Xiaomi confirmed to the interface news that Gao Ziguang left for personal reasons.
Shang Jin, vice president of Xiaomi group and head of China regional management department, will replace Gao Ziguang, manage Xiaomi’s offline business in China and report to Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi group in China. In fact, it is not surprising that Shangjin has been deeply involved in Xiaomi’s offline channel expansion and succeeded Gao Ziguang.