Two new group standards for e-cigarettes have been introduced, and the “top” cigarette oil has been banned


There is no mandatory standard for the domestic e-cigarette industry. Previously, the media exposed that there were e-cigarettes illegally adding synthetic cannabinoids on the market, which were called “legal leaders” by criminals. Now, the production of tobacco oil (electronic atomization liquid) will be more standardized.
On September 28, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce officially updated and issued two group standards, general technical specification for atomized electronic cigarette device and safety technical specification for electronic atomizing liquid (hereinafter referred to as group standard). Professionals believe that the standard is more strict in the detection of prohibited substances, heavy metals and other harmful substances than the European Union and the United States.
It should be noted that the group standard is not a mandatory provision for all e-cigarette enterprises, but a standard voluntarily adopted by the society. China electronics chamber of Commerce issued the first e-cigarette group standard in China in 2017, which is an important basis for guiding the production of e-cigarette enterprises.
Compared with the previous provisions, the new version of the group standard adds a number of physical and chemical test indicators and test methods, puts forward the “list of prohibited substances” of atomized liquid, and formulates clearer safety requirements for e-cigarettes.
The group standard has launched the “list of prohibited substances” of atomizing liquid. Based on the standards of the European Union, the Middle East and other regions, it has formulated a more strict and comprehensive “list of prohibited substances”, covering 40 categories, including all carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxic substances, and psychoactive substances such as caffeine and taurine.
In addition, the group standard also updated the provisions on the protection of minors, requiring that the warning words or warning graphic symbols of “no sale to minors” be marked on the outer package of the atomizer.