Musk angrily criticized President Biden for not being invited to the electric vehicle summit


According to foreign media reports, Elon Musk angrily criticized US President Joe Biden for “being controlled by trade unions” because Tesla was not invited to a summit on electric vehicles held at the White House.
After SpaceX successfully put civilian tourists into orbit, musk was asked why he thought President Biden had not congratulated him or SpaceX. The CEO tweeted, “he’s still sleeping.” many people think musk is alluding to the nickname “sleepy Joe” trump gave Joe Biden.
In an interview at the code Conference on Tuesday, when musk was asked why he posted this tweet, the CEO replied:
“Biden held the electric vehicle summit, but did not invite Tesla. He invited GM, Ford, Chrysler and the United Automobile Union (UAW) “At the electric vehicle summit held at the White House, he did not mention Tesla once, but praised GM and Ford for leading the electric vehicle revolution. Does this sound a little eccentric? This is not the friendliest government team. It seems to have been controlled by trade unions.”
Musk refers to a new executive order signed by President Biden, which requires that 50% of new cars sold in the United States by 2030 be electric vehicles.
The Tesla CEO did not talk about the latest proposal to reform the federal government’s electric vehicle incentives, including an additional $4500 incentive for consumers to buy an electric vehicle for vehicles assembled in unionized factories.
In fact, musk need not be angry about the summit. All invited carmakers have agreed to phase out gasoline powered vehicles in the United States, and they are preparing to announce the news.
“I managed to persuade these carmakers to switch to electric vehicles, and we are preparing to sign this executive order,” Biden said
Tesla is already an all electric vehicle manufacturer, and it does not need transformation. There is really no need for it to attend the summit, and this executive order actually has little meaning for it.
The U.S. federal government may be “controlled by trade unions”, or more accurately, they hope to please trade unions and win their votes in this regard, but this has nothing to do with the White House summit. The newly proposed federal electric vehicle incentives are a good evidence.
But even if it is beneficial to the trade unions, Tesla will eventually become the biggest beneficiary of this creative reform, because the companies that deploy the most electric vehicle capacity in the United States will benefit the most. For now, Tesla is far ahead in this regard. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Lexue)