FB is spending $50 million to build metauniverse and has four partners


Tencent technology news on September 28, on Monday local time, Andrew Bosworth and Nick Clegg, vice presidents of Facebook, announced that they were spending $50 million to establish a new fund to help more responsibly develop and build the “metaverse”. The official name of the fund is “XR project and Research Fund”, and Facebook announced that it would invest in “relevant projects and external research” within two years.
Facebook previously funded academic research on the social impact of augmented reality (AR) wearable devices and solicited VR hardware proposals. Facebook declared in its blog: “the technology we develop is rooted in the connection between people and is also committed to connecting people. Metauniverse is the next generation computing platform, and our work will help deepen this interpersonal connection, not limited by physical distance or equipment.”
The statement also gives Facebook’s definition of the sometimes ambiguous new word metauniverse. The company describes it as “a virtual space that you can build and explore with others”. You don’t have to stay in the same physical space and can get in and out of various products and services. “You can go out with your friends to play, work, play, study, shop, create, etc. it doesn’t have to spend more time online, but to make your time online more meaningful,” the Facebook blog said
Facebook emphasizes: “Metauniverse is not a single product that a company can build alone. Like the Internet, metauniverse will exist with or without Facebook. Moreover, it will not be built overnight and may not be fully realized in the next 10 to 15 years. Although this frustrates those of us who are eager to invest directly in it, it gives us time to think about how to build it The problem of building. ”
When talking about how to build a metauniverse in a responsible way, Facebook said: “We will work with government, industry and academic experts to think about the problems and opportunities brought by the metauniverse. For example, its success depends on the interoperability of cross service construction so that the experiences of different companies can work together. We also need to involve human rights and civil rights groups from the beginning to ensure that these technologies are built in an inclusive and empowering way Come. ”
Facebook said that the goal of the XR project and research fund is to ensure that the company becomes part of the meta universe it constructs, and focuses on compatibility with other services, as well as inclusiveness, privacy, security and “economic opportunity” At present, Facebook’s largest metauniverse project is a platform called horizon, which exists in the form of a beta oculus application, allowing people to have VR meetings.
Facebook said it would cooperate with organizations such as women in immersive tech, Africa no filter, electric South and organization of American States. Facebook also said it would “promote independent external research” with organizations such as the University of Hong Kong and the National University of Singapore When asked how Facebook would maintain its independence if it participated in the study, the company said it would only provide funds to researchers, not data.
Nick Clegg, vice president of Facebook, also talked about the project, saying it was the “beginning” of the study of the metauniverse, and said he hoped that when regulators began to ask questions about the new technology, it would help provide answers.
Facebook has been trying to portray itself as a responsible platform owner recently. On Monday, the company announced the suspension of an instagram version focused on minors, after the company strongly refuted a report that Facebook knew that instagram had a negative impact on girls. U.S. lawmakers and advocacy groups urged Facebook on the grounds of security concerns Facebook executives will testify at a Senate committee hearing on Thursday about the impact of its instagram app on the mental health of young users.
The company also said that the types of Posts its algorithm tried to hide were becoming more and more transparent, and denied another report that the company tried to use news feed to promote itself.
Despite its efforts, Facebook is still deeply controversial: it has to apologize to researchers after providing inaccurate data; its oversight committee calls for more information on how the platform controls its well-known users in different ways.
Although Facebook positions this fund as a fund focusing on building the meta universe, it seems to have a broader focus considering its name. The company has conducted a lot of research in the field of AR / VR. Although $50 million is not small, it is only a drop in the bucket for Facebook. This figure also seems to be related to Facebook’s emphasis on AR / VR and the future impact of the meta universe No. Facebook said it would continue to share the latest progress of the project and the added future partners. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)