Blue origin is scheduled to conduct its second manned space flight on October 12. The identities of two passengers have been confirmed


The first passengers of the blue origin suborbital spacecraft took pictures in front of the new Shepard rocket booster, which sent them into space in July
Tencent technology news on September 28, blue origin, a space company under Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, said that it had scheduled its second manned space flight on October 12 and had identified the first two of the four passengers.
They are Chris boshuizen, co-founder of planet labs, a satellite imaging company, and Glen de Vries, co-founder of medidata solutions. Among them, de Frith is now the vice chairman of Dassault syst è MES in charge of life sciences and health care. The company acquired medidata in 2019.
Blue origin said that two other passengers were about to join them, and their identities would be announced “in the next few days”. Meanwhile, the company did not disclose how much these customers would pay for the trip, nor did it respond to whether Star Trek “Captain Kurt” actor William Shatner would participate in the flight.
The suborbital flight will take off from the blue origin space port in western Texas. The launch will be a follow-up to the company’s first manned space flight in July. The first flight passengers include Bezos himself and his brother Mark, aviation pioneer Wally funk, who became the world’s oldest man in space at the age of 82, and Dutch student Oliver Damen, who became the youngest astronaut in space at the age of 18.
If Shatner can fly at the age of 90 next month, he will break the record just set by Fink and become the oldest person to participate in space flight.
The flight trajectory in October will be the same as the 17 launches (including unmanned flights) before the blue origin. The new Shepard spacecraft will be launched to lift its passengers up to 100 kilometers, allowing them to experience a few minutes of weightlessness and see the spectacular scene of the earth against the black background of space. Then, the parachute equipped manned capsule will float back to the desert in western Texas, while the booster will land automatically on the landing platform.
The whole flight took about 10 minutes, which was much shorter than the three-day orbital trip of the four crew members of the inspiration 4 mission aboard the SpaceX manned dragon spacecraft this month.
At the press conference, boshui Ethan and de Frith said that they were very happy to make a suborbital space trip. “I finally realized my biggest childhood dream. However, more importantly, I think this flight is a rare opportunity to inspire students to pursue stem related careers and give birth to the next generation of space explorers. After all, the future of our life in space is in their hands,” boshui Ethan said
Boshui Ethan co founded planet labs in 2010 and served as chief technology officer for five years. The company currently operates three satellite groups, including more than 150 earth observation satellites in low earth orbit. He also worked as a space mission architect at NASA’s Ames Research Center, where he co invented NASA phonesat and played a leading role in singularity University and the space Advisory Committee.
In an interview, boshui Ethan revealed that he was born in Australia and had never obtained U.S. citizenship. “I’ve been stubborn about this. 14 years after I came here, I still have a U.S. work visa,” he said. Many other Australian natives have become American citizens and NASA astronauts, but boshuisen said he will be “the first Australian to enter space.”.
According to blue origin, Chris BOYSON (left) and Glen DeVries will take part in the sub orbital trip in October
In addition to being a co-founder of medidata and an executive of Dassault syst è MES, de Frith is also a trustee of Carnegie Mellon University, the author of a book on precision medicine entitled the patient equation, and a private pilot.
Mr de Vries said: “My whole career has been devoted to prolonging people’s life. However, due to the limited materials and energy on earth, extending our tentacles into space can help mankind continue to prosper. In addition, astronauts can also experience the ‘overview effect’ and have a new perspective on how fragile and precious our planet, these resources and our civilization are. Advancing It is an incredible opportunity to play a role in the development of the space industry and one day make these resources available to all. ”
Today’s announcement is the latest sign that blue origin is stepping up its sub orbital space travel business. Just after the landmark first manned mission in July, Bezos announced that blue origin has accumulated nearly $100 million in private sales for future flights. Therefore, he is paying more attention to the space enterprise he founded more than 20 years ago 。
In an e-mail, blue origin said that both boshui Ethan and de Frith participated in the seat auction of the first flight in July. The winner of the auction