Wechat care mode: larger text, stronger color and larger buttons


Tencent technology wechat recently issued a new version and officially launched the “care model”. Compared with the normal mode, wechat care mode has larger and clearer words, stronger colors, better recognition, larger and easier buttons, which helps to improve the convenience of using wechat for the elderly, visually impaired groups and other people.
The entrance of wechat care mode is located on the first screen of “I – Settings”, which is parallel to the entrance of wechat youth mode and can be opened or closed with one key. In the “care mode”, in addition to the increase of intuitive text, the brightness contrast value between text and icon color and background is increased to 4.5:1, and the click response area of button and text connection will also increase, which is more friendly to elderly users.
It is understood that the “care mode” is not just a simple enlargement of the interface. The original font enlargement function of wechat is to mechanically enlarge the font, which sometimes causes some words to be abbreviated or blocked, affecting the integrity of information. The newly launched “care mode” will ensure that users can see, understand and coordinate the page as much as possible.
According to the research on Internet aging in the post epidemic era recently released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, wechat is the most commonly used social tool for the elderly. It is reported that for the more needs of the elderly, wechat care mode will explore more functional aging services in the future.