Frontline B station Chen Rui attends Wuzhen Internet Conference: how creators of generation Z show Chinese style


Tencent News frontline Zhang Yudian
On September 26, “2021 Internet Conference Wuzhen summit” was officially opened in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. With the theme of “towards a new generation of digital civilization – building a community of shared destiny in cyberspace”, the conference set up 20 sub forums, attended by nearly 2000 guests. Chen Rui, chairman and CEO of BiliBili, attended the conference and delivered a speech on “how creators of generation Z of station B show Chinese style” at the global anti epidemic and international communication forum.
As one of the most popular video communities among young people in China, station B currently has 237 million monthly active users, of which users aged 18-35 account for 78%. This data means that one of every two young people in China is a user of station B. These young people are called “generation Z”. They have high cultural self-confidence, moral self-discipline and humanistic quality.
Generation Z is the mainstream group of creators of station B. At present, more than 2.4 million creators are active on station B every month, creating 8.4 million videos every month. Chen Rui said that youth, talent, creativity and positive energy are the most remarkable characteristics of these creators. For example, the dialogue video between up master “good teacher, my name is he classmate” and Apple CEO cook shows the confident attitude of Chinese young people; The 15-year-old up master Vicky Xuanxuan wrote a song in half an hour, which has been widely spread at home and abroad.
More and more foreign up owners also share creation and exchange information on station B. For example, the US up leader “I’m Jerry Guo” shared the anti epidemic situation in New York during the outbreak of the epidemic, and also showed the high efficiency of China’s anti epidemic; The up Lord “Gao Yousi” from Israel went to the cotton plantation in Xinjiang to shoot, showing the real style of Xinjiang to the world.
At the same time, the content of carrying forward traditional culture is also very popular in station B. By the end of June, the number of national style videos created by the up Master of station B had exceeded one million; In the past year, the number of viewers of national style videos at station B has reached 136 million. Chen Rui believes that the key to the revival of traditional culture is whether it can attract young people’s attention. If young people don’t care about traditional culture, it may only exist in museums. Young people still like traditional culture, and traditional culture can really spread.
Not only the content created by up, station B is also spreading more high-quality original works overseas through self-made content. Among them, documentary works such as a string of life and one day produced by station B have won many awards overseas. The domestic animation “time agent” launched on station B this year ranked 21st in the history of overseas animation scoring website MyAnimeList. Station B has become one of the most important producers of animation and documentaries in China.
At the forum, Chen Rui also shared his thoughts on telling Chinese stories well: “In addition to being true, I think it is very important to tell Chinese stories well that the content quality and production must be good enough so that they can be widely disseminated. The premise of high-quality content is high-quality creation, which is what station B has always done. We have been cultivating and supporting high-quality creators. I think in the near future, with the wave of video , tens of millions of talented creators will be born in China. They can create the most exquisite video content, and Chinese culture can truly go global with these exquisite creations. “