How to construct the meta universe? The biggest challenge is how to reduce latency, improve bandwidth and reliability


Tencent technology news on September 26, social network giant Facebook and popular game fortrite night developer Epic Games all hope to become a “metaverse” company. Most of the world’s largest technology companies want to take a share of this emerging field. However, industry experts believe that before we can imagine living in a huge virtual world, we will need to upgrade the Internet and technology on a large scale.
Horizon Studios is an important part of Facebook’s metauniverse project
The meta universe is a frequently talked about concept at present, and it is gradually moving closer to reality. The definition of metauniverse varies, but most people think it will be a huge virtual world in which millions of people or their avatars will interact in real time. Metauniverse will have its own economic system, which will cross the boundaries of the physical and virtual world and will be open to everyone at any time.
In 20 years, we may work in the meta universe. Instead of driving to the nearest stadium, you can participate in virtual rock concerts with thousands of fans in the metauniverse. You may walk into the Amazon retail store in the mall, wear augmented reality (AR) glasses, and see millions of different inventory items in the virtual store.
Major technology companies have begun to build the “meta universe prototype” project. For example, horizon workspaces, recently released by Facebook, creates a virtual office where you can interact with colleagues, coordinate work, and see what colleagues are doing on the screen. This is not a future concept: if you and your team have the right virtual reality (VR) device, it can be used today.
Epic Games’ fortress night is promoting entertainment similar to the meta universe. For example, Ariana Grande concert held in the game earlier this year is just the latest in a series of concerts, attended by almost tens of millions of people around the world.
But these prototype projects are independent. You can’t put down the work of horizon workrooms and go directly to see Grant’s concert in Fortress night. The meta universe is not connected yet. To achieve this goal, we need to rethink the entire infrastructure of the Internet.
Jerry Heinz is the co-founder of ball metverse research partners, which is doing a lot of research on the metauniverse and how to make us achieve this goal.
Heinz believes that even today’s massive data centers and faster and faster broadband networks can not meet the needs of the meta universe. “I think the biggest challenge we face is at the basic level. You need a highly parallel, highly persistent experience on a scale and degree we’ve never seen before. At the network level, it’s interesting, but we also face the same challenges we have encountered throughout the history of the network, including how to reduce latency, improve bandwidth and reliability,” he said
Today’s networks need infrastructure upgrades to avoid damaging the user experience
Imagine that in the virtual world, every facial action, every gesture and every lip action must be copied in real time to make your avatar look lifelike. According to Heinz, just transmitting such huge data fast enough to avoid delay requires new network infrastructure, new protocols and standards.
He said: “If you interact in real life, obviously there will be no delay. But when you operate on a computer network, you must abide by the laws of physics. We are not talking about twitch games, but an experience with ultra-low delay, because there is a sense of reality you want. Even if there is only the slightest delay, it will make people feel unreal and feel something wrong.”
Delay is not a big problem on fixed line optical networks, but on mobile networks, even the delay of 5g connections will change greatly. Statistics show that in the worst case, the delay of 5g networks may rise to hundreds of milliseconds, which will destroy the meta cosmic experience. Heinz said: “In developing the network itself and its required protocols, we must keep low latency in mind. But so far, reducing latency is not the main focus of Internet development.”
Just as today’s broadband networks use the content distribution network (CDN) to push Netflix movies closer to end users to ensure shorter data transmission distance, metauniverse will require similar “deception” to ensure that the user experience will not be damaged. Games like fortress night “actually predict to some extent,” Heinz said Where the player will move next means that Epic Games can “add a little delay to the experience without damaging the experience”. We also need to develop similar technologies for the metauniverse.
The large-scale infrastructure improvements required mean that we will not run a comprehensive metauniverse in the short term. Mark Zuckerberg once said that Facebook will become a metauniverse company in the next five years, but Heinz believes that this timetable seems too optimistic.
He said: “We need visionary people to guide this. I want to see Facebook and Zuckerberg push Facebook in this direction, especially in just five years. It requires leaders to give bold visions, especially in infrastructure and content production, to really promote this process. But if they believe this, it’s amazing Things will happen! “(reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)