Tesla will open FSD functions to ordinary users, provoking shelling from regulators


Tencent technology news on September 25, owners of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla are expected to apply for the company’s “fully automatic driving” (FSD) test version as early as Friday local time. Tesla is about to release an updated version of the software on a large scale, so that car owners can upgrade to the most advanced driver assistance driving kit, which will soon enable thousands of car owners to use most untested automatic driving functions without regulatory approval.
This is Tesla’s first time that ordinary users can experience its FSD software, although the name itself seems a little exaggerated from the perspective of industry and regulatory standards. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said on twitter that Tesla would release a button on Friday to give owners access to the upgraded advanced driving assistance suite. But Tesla said that this is a test version, and the owner will not get this function immediately.
Owners must agree to let Tesla monitor their driving behavior for 7 days through the company’s Insurance calculator. Musk wrote on twitter that if these car owners’ driving behavior is considered “very good”, “they will get a test permit.”
This is the latest turning point in a legend that angers regulators, safety advocates and families of Tesla accident victims, because as FSD technology appears more on the real road, it may lead to more chaos and even fatal accidents. So far, about 2000 testers have been able to experience Tesla’s FSD suite.
It is expected that the new test version of FSD will be fully released on Friday. All users who have purchased FSD software now worth $10000 and those who have purchased Tesla FSD subscription service at a price of about $100 to $200 per month can participate.
However, in July this year, musk also said that this technology is a “controversial” proposition. “We need to make FSD work so that it can become an attractive value proposition,” he said
Investigators from the U.S. automobile safety regulatory agency have begun to pay attention to autopilot, the predecessor of FSD suite. The software can guide vehicles from the on ramp to the off ramp of the highway, and can automatically Park and intelligently summon vehicles, but owners still need to monitor the software. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched an investigation into more than a dozen accidents last month involving hitting parked emergency vehicles with autopilot activated.
“Fully automatic driving” extends the function of autopilot to urban streets and provides the ability of lane by Lane navigation from point a to point B. Tesla and NHTSA did not immediately respond to requests for comment. However, Tesla has repeatedly said that when comparing the two modes using Tesla data and information provided by NHTSA, autopilot is safer than human manual driving.
Musk once said that there is no doubt that cars controlled by autopilot are safer than cars driven by ordinary people. However, these data are not directly comparable because autopilot should only be activated on some types of roads, in which case it can work normally.
Tesla’s rapid launch of these functions to a large number of ordinary users has attracted criticism from regulators and peers in the industry. They said that Tesla has taken a hasty approach on this issue that needs careful study and emphasis on security.
Although the name contains the word “automatic driving”, according to the standards set by the automotive industry or safety regulators, FSD software does not have the qualification of “automatic driving”, and drivers should always be vigilant when it is activated.
Jennifer homendy, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), said: “I do think Tesla’s products are misleading and will generally lead to further misuse and abuse. I just hope musk can pay as much attention to safety as innovation and new technology. Safety is as important as the development of technology itself, or even more important.”
As for the evaluation period for drivers who want to register, Tesla has not listed the complete qualification criteria, but musk has hinted that drivers who frequently use the company’s autopilot will be rated as “good”. He said car owners will be able to track their progress in real time and guide them on how to meet their requirements.
At the end of last month, the chamber of progress, an industry organization, targeted Tesla’s marketing of this technology.
Tesla’s cars “don’t actually drive completely automatically,” the Organization wrote. The group has been supported by apple, Google’s parent company Alphabet’s Waymo and its Cruise.
“The fundamental problem here is that Tesla has the opportunity to move away from the road again and again because they think they are driving an autopilot,” said the progressive chamber of Commerce.
Homandi said Tesla did not show a positive interest in improving the safety of its products. She said that the NTSB made recommendations based on the fatal crash investigations in Williston, Florida and del Rey beach, but there was no response. Homandi pointed out:
“Tesla has not responded to any of our requests. From our standpoint, they ignored our requests and did not respond to us. If these problems are not solved and you are making additional upgrades, there will be a problem!”
After investigating the crash incident that led to the death of a driver in 2018, NTSB appealed to NHTSA to assess whether Tesla’s autopilot system constituted an unreasonable safety risk.
Homandi said that NHTSA needs to play a more active role in this matter. The agency recently began requiring the reporting of all accidents involving driver assistance systems.

Homandy added: “federal regulators have the responsibility to take action to ensure public safety. I’m glad they have asked all manufacturers to provide accident information. They are taking the first step with Tesla to ask for accident information involving crash emergency vehicles. But they need to do more.”
On twitter, a steady stream of videos from early tests described the confusion of the budding FSD system when it encountered new obstacles. The video shows that the system encountered difficulties in the ring road and unprotected left turn, and sometimes even suddenly turned to pedestrians and crossed the double yellow line into the oncoming traffic flow.
In the latter case, the user wrote: “I hope Tesla will do the best, but it is not wise to widely release, at least not at present.” others said that they personally suffered losses from Tesla’s rapid deployment of its software and urged the company to reconsider its current strategy.
In July this year, Jean Louis, the husband of Bernadette Saint Jean from Queens, New York, was killed on the long island highway when a Tesla car believed to be using automatic driving hit him on the roadside. NHTSA is investigating the accident.
Jean jean, through her lawyer Joshua Brian Irwin, said in a statement: “Tesla should not expand the release scope of its autopilot or traffic aware cruise control system until they can tell me why my father-in-law and all those emergency workers were killed and injured.” (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)