Science and technology Morning Post | many car owners burst model 3 with large gap in the back door; New Oriental plans to lay off more than 40000 people


Editor’s note: what are the contents of this issue of science and technology morning post? Baidu auto announced the latest progress; Sogou completes the privatization transaction; AMD and MediaTek discuss the establishment of a joint venture; Some iPhone 13 series recovery backups may have bugs; Time magazine NFT sold out in one minute.
Big company
Later, New Oriental plans to lay off more than 40000 people, and the discipline business of primary and junior middle schools will be basically shut down
At the New Oriental executive meeting at 10 a.m. on September 17, Yu Minhong, founder and chairman of the board, announced that offline enrollment of discipline business in primary and junior middle schools would be stopped after the autumn course, and teaching sites would be gradually closed in various cities. Yu Minhong said that the original plan was to lay off 40000 people by the end of August, but less than 10000 by mid September. An executive participating in the meeting said that the number of layoffs would exceed 40000 by the end of the year. Two new oriental people said that at the beginning of this year, the overall number of New Oriental was about 100000. (selected later)
TSMC attended the White House chip conference: continuous and active investment to overcome the shortage problem
The Biden government of the United States again invited representatives of the business community to discuss the chip supply chain on the 23rd. TSMC pointed out in the statement that it is glad to have the opportunity to participate in the White House meeting on the 23rd us time. Due to the recent impact on the supply of downstream manufacturers, the semiconductor supply is facing temporary additional pressure. TSMC continues to actively invest and cooperate with all stakeholders to overcome the global semiconductor supply shortage. (Aiji micro APP)
Baidu auto announced the latest progress: Jidu has carried out the development of intelligent driving of simulated sample vehicles
On September 24, Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu, announced that Jidu had been established for 207 days, and the software team had cooperated with Baidu Apollo team based on simu car (simulated sample vehicle) to develop intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving function. (Lei Fengwang)
A California bill against Amazon’s labor algorithm has frequently been controversial over AI monitoring employees
California governor Gavin Newson has signed a bill banning businesses from punishing warehouse workers who fail to meet certain performance indicators during breaks or meals. Although the bill is not named, it is generally believed that the bill is formulated for Amazon. (Southern Metropolis Daily)
Many car owners exposed the large gap on one side of Tesla Model 3 back door, which was too embarrassing
Famous Tesla fans
He said that he had encountered an accident and found that he had changed his payment
Model 3
The rear boot lid is tilted. When the vehicle first arrived, both sides of the tailgate were very neat and well matched, but after half a year of use, four keys can be inserted into the gap on the left. (drive home)
Ant chain: “digital torch” and other digital collections are strictly prohibited from any form of disguised speculation
On September 24, ant chain and Alibaba auction jointly took off the shelves, a transaction suspected of online fraud. It also said that the ant chain fans only supported digital collections holders and gave them to Alipay’s real friends without any compensation after 180 days. The donation function does not support any form of hype in disguise. (PANews)
Huawei Xu Zhijun responded to chip and car making hotspots: Yu Chengdong wanted to build a car, but he had only one vote
Xu Zhijun, chairman in office of Huawei, said that what the industry needs is not Huawei brand cars, but the ICT technology capability accumulated by Huawei for more than 30 years to help car enterprises build cars for the future, that is, to provide car enterprises with intelligent networked auto parts based on Huawei ICT capability. Yu Chengdong once expressed dissatisfaction with this decision. He may want to build a car, but he has only one vote. For Huawei’s senior team, it is clear what to do and what not to do in the survival stage. (Southern Metropolis Daily)
Netease games released a limited time notice for minor games during the National Day holiday
On September 24, Netease game released a limited time notice for minor games during the National Day holiday. (interface News)
Analysts say the Chinese market will drive strong growth in iPhone 13 demand
investment bank
iPhone 13
The number of orders is higher than that of the company before
iPhone 12
More about
, partly because of strong demand in China. China’s bookings are close to the 5 million or 6 million mark. (Sean beta)
The European Union officially submitted a unified charging interface bill, which Apple opposed: the price of the data line is hundreds of dollars
According to the EU proposal, the charging interfaces of consumer electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, portable speakers and game consoles are unified as usb-c. Not only the charging interface is unified, but also the manufacturer should unify the charging protocol into USB PD, so that the usb-c cable is more universal. Apple said,
Worry that allowing only one charging interface will stifle innovation rather than encourage innovation, which in turn will harm the interests of consumers.
(fast technology)
Exclusive | Evergrande automobile group returned to its registered place, and nearly 1000 employees were transferred to Guangzhou Nansha office
Evergrande automobile, which has worked in Shenzhen for four years, has now moved its office back to its registered place in Nansha, Guangzhou. Nearly 1000 employees of Evergrande automobile have started to transfer from Shenzhen to Nansha to work. Evergrande has provided necessary accommodation support for employees during the transition period. Since then, the offices of Evergrande automobile and Evergrande group headquarters have been officially separated. (First Finance)
Sogou completes privatization transaction and announces merger with Tencent
On September 23, Eastern time, Sogou announced the completion of the merger with Tencent. After the merger, Sogou will become an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Tencent holdings and complete delisting. This is also the first time that Sogou disclosed further details of the merger since the State Administration of Market Supervision approved Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd. to acquire the equity of Sogou on July 13 this year. (Tencent Technology)
Huawei’s first virtual digital human, Yunsheng, joined the company as a new employee. At present, it has opened microblog

Huawei held a full connection conference online. As a senior vice president of Huawei, Zhang Ping’an gave a keynote speech at the conference. The main content of the speech is mainly aimed at Huawei’s first virtual digital man Yunsheng. Yunsheng is built by Huawei based on digital content production line through technologies such as automatic modeling of AI, voice driving of AI and rendering acceleration of AI. At the same time, she joined Huawei as a new employee. At the scene of the conference, Yunsheng also had a dialogue with Zhang Ping’an. (Sina VR)
AMD and MediaTek discuss the establishment of a joint venture to expand their influence in the mobile market
MediaTek is the preferred partner of AMD’s SOC modem in the future, and the two sides also discussed the possibility of establishing a joint venture, but there are no more details for the time being. Since MediaTek and AMD have relatively few business overlaps, they may play a complementary role. Amd also hopes to expand its influence in the mobile market in this way. (super power network)
Smart new products
Apple: there may be a bug in the recovery and backup of some iPhone 13 series
Apple mentioned one in a new support document released today
Backup recovery
Bug. After restoring to iPhone / iPad from backup, the widget may be reset to the default state, and apple music may also be affected, resulting in failure to access directories, settings, or use synchronization libraries. (Shenzhen business daily)
The most high-end speaker in Xiaomi’s history! Millet sound speaker silver starlight version on the shelf: 499 yuan
At present, Xiaomi
The silver starlight version is officially on the shelves and will be released on
Point Omni channel sales, the price is also
four hundred and ninety-nine
Yuan. This millet sound silver starlight version not only adopts a silver white appearance,
Its pearly silver body can also have a wonderful refraction reflection with the ambient light, and can present a starlight like effect on the desktop, just like an art ornament.
(drive home)
Cutting edge technology
Time magazine NFT sold out in one minute, and the “first come, first served” NFT casting was questioned again
On September 23, Time magazine announced their NFT Series sales plan, called timepeace. The collection contains 4676 works from 40 artists. (Daily Planet daily)
Other important news
Central bank: virtual currency related business activities are illegal financial activities and will resolutely curb their trading speculation
On September 24, the people’s Bank of China and other ten departments issued《
Notice on further preventing and dealing with the risk of speculation in virtual currency transactions. The notice clearly points out that virtual currency related businesses such as virtual currency exchange, buying and selling virtual currency as a central counterparty, providing matching services for virtual currency transactions, token issuance and financing and virtual currency derivatives transactions are all illegal financial activities, which are strictly prohibited and resolutely banned according to law; It is also an illegal financial activity for overseas virtual currency exchanges to provide services to domestic residents through the Internet. (Daily Economic News)
Original breakthrough! Scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences realized synthetic starch in the laboratory for the first time
Tianjin Institute of industrial biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences has made a major breakthrough in the artificial synthesis of starch. The de novo synthesis of carbon dioxide to starch has been realized for the first time in the world. The relevant work was carried out in Beijing time
two thousand and twenty-one
It was published in the international top magazine science. (CAS China Science Popularization Expo)