Musk talks to Ferrari CEO: Ferrari should not engage in automatic driving. Lack of core is a short-term problem


Tencent science and technology news on September 25, during the Italian science and Technology Week held on Friday, SpaceX, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Ferrari CEO John Elkann had an air to air dialogue and exchanged views on space exploration, energy, artificial intelligence and chip shortage. They all believe that Ferrari should avoid automatic driving technology.
During the Italian science and technology week, Elkan, who is also the chairman of stellantis group, personally attended the on-site activities, while musk connected in the form of video in Texas. Although the topics they talked about seemed different. For example, Elkan discussed the inspection of operating newspapers and industrial companies, which have a history of more than 100 years, and musk talked about his brain computer interface startup, they expressed a lot of common views.
Elkan and musk are optimistic about the potential of nuclear energy as a temporary energy source, but both regard solar energy as an ideal long-term solution. Musk said he was surprised by the recent move by many countries to abandon nuclear energy, calling it “quite safe”. Using coal is more dangerous than using nuclear energy. He encouraged building more nuclear power plants, or at least not shutting them down.
“We see that energy prices are rising, such as natural gas, coal and uranium. Nuclear energy is an existing solution, which is familiar to us and safe. We absolutely should vigorously develop it. At the same time, we must focus on alternative energy. Solar energy will become more and more important,” he added, The rise in uranium prices is due to the development of nuclear energy in many countries.
Automatic driving
Although musk has always been one of the most outspoken advocates of the potential of automatic driving technology, he and Elkan agree that Ferrari should not participate in this technology. Erkan said: “if Ferrari becomes an autopilot car, it will be sad. The essence of Ferrari is to drive it by hand.”
Although cars replaced horses a long time ago, some people still like to “ride”. When talking about Ferrari, musk said, “the horse is on the Ferrari logo.” this sentence won applause from the Milan audience.
Chip shortage
When asked about the global semiconductor shortage endangering automobile production, musk said it could be a short-term problem. “There are many chip manufacturing plants under construction. I think we will have better chip supply capacity by next year,” he said
Musk added that the new plant under construction should help normalize chip supply by next year, which is also his hope. His views stand in stark contrast to a growing number of car and chip manufacturers who warn that capacity increases may take years to resolve.
According to the latest forecast released by consulting firm alixpartners, affected by the supply shortage, the auto production of global auto manufacturers may be reduced by 8 million vehicles this year, with a loss of US $210 billion, which is almost twice the forecast earlier this year. In addition to the shortage of chips, rising prices of commodities such as steel and plastic resins have also pushed up automobile production costs.
Tesla bankruptcy
But in the dialogue, they avoided mentioning the competition between top electric vehicle leaders such as Tesla and traditional carmakers, who are investing heavily to expand the supply of electric vehicles.
However, musk thanked Elkan for his support from Comau, the robot Department of Fiat Chrysler, from 2017 to 2019. At that time, Tesla was trying to increase the production of model 3. He called this period Tesla’s “production hell”. Comau now belongs to the stellantis group.
“Elkan helped me a lot during that time,” Musk said, adding that Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy “six times”. Elkan said he was glad that Comau helped Tesla find a solution. Comau built part of the assembly line of model 3, especially the body.
Medical field
Musk already runs companies that manufacture or develop electric vehicles, rockets, tunnel boring machines and brain chips. But if he has enough energy to start something new, he sees many opportunities in synthesizing DNA.
Mask said that the novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine developed by BioNTech SE and Moderna is the beginning of “digital medicine or medicine as software”. He added that the potential to revolutionize medicine in this way may be the biggest single opportunity at present.
Brain development
Neuralink, Musk’s brain computer interface company, is trying to minimize the adverse effects of brain injury and brain diseases in the short term. For example, by allowing people with quadriplegia to control their computers or mobile phones through thinking. Musk hopes to start human trials in the next six months or so.
Elkan said he saw the great potential of this technology, which will one day enable people to communicate with man’s best animal friends. Musk smiled and said, “I think I know what my dog wants. He only wants four different things, including food, water, going out and being touched. But there may be more reasons.” (reviewed by Tencent technology / golden deer)