Apple confirmed that some iPhone 13 series have backup and recovery bugs


On September 24, the iPhone 13 series was officially launched. According to apple, some iphone13 have backup and recovery bugs.
The backup recovery bug means that after restoring to iPhone / iPad from backup, the widget may be reset to the default state, and apple music may also be affected, resulting in failure to access the directory, set up or use the synchronization library. The models affected by the bug include the “limited part” iPhone 13 / Pro Series, iPad 9 and ipad Mini 6. Apple said it could solve this problem by going to “Settings > General > software update”.
Previously, some users reported that when close to the subject, the iPhone 13 will automatically turn on the macro photography mode and cannot be turned off. In this regard, apple said that a new setting option will be added in the IOS software update in the autumn, which allows users to turn off the automatic lens switching function when shooting at close range.