Supply chain: the price of Apple’s first AR device exceeds US $2000 and will be on sale in the second half of 2022


Tencent technology news on September 23, according to sources from the supply chain, the price of Apple’s first augmented reality (AR) device may exceed $2000 and will be on sale in the second half of 2022. The consumer ar device widely known as “Apple glasses” is expected to appear in 2023.
This supply chain news supports the previous report of well-known analyst Guo Mingli Z, who said that the first apple ar device for enterprise and industrial purposes will debut in 2022. It is reported that this commercial device is undergoing prototype testing, but it is not a consumer version of “Apple glasses”.
After Apple released the iPhone 13, it was criticized as nothing new, but the next generation of products regarded by Apple as a secret weapon is expected to appear in 2022. The source confirmed: “Apple’s ar device has completed P2 (phase II prototype test). Before entering mass production, it will enter EVT (Engineering Verification Test) phase.”
Supply chain sources pointed out that Apple’s ar equipment plans to launch two products. One is a high-end model, which is positioned as a commercial product, with a built-in camera and laser optical sensor, weighing about 100-110g and using a 5nm process chip. It also needs to be connected to the iPhone through Bluetooth. The rack will be made of high-strength and light magnesium alloy containing trace rare earth elements.
The industry speculates that due to the high cost of components and initial scale, the price of this ar device may exceed US $2000. Therefore, apple positions it as an industrial product, and the annual shipment scale is expected to be 2 million to 2.5 million units.
Other anonymous sources revealed that another consumer version of AR device for the general public is called “Apple glasses”, the design has not been finalized, and it is estimated that it will be put into mass production and market after 2023.
It was previously reported that an industrial Apple ar device would be released in 2022, but the price was $1000. These sources also claim that “Apple glasses” will be available in 2025 and contact lenses will be available by 2030.
In contrast, the well-known leaker Jon Prosser once claimed that the consumer version of “Apple glasses” will be released from March to June 2021, and it does not belong to industrial equipment. In terms of design and testing, the source said in January 2021 that the prototype of “Apple glasses” has entered the second stage of production.
The latest news shows that apple is always trying to finalize the design of AR device, trying to balance the company’s vision of the product and the reality that may be realized at present. In particular, it is said that Apple has concerns about the heat dissipation, weight and battery life of this product. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)