Melon seeds used cars: switch to the new e-commerce mode, and used cars are sold on the whole line of non-standard products


Tencent technology news on September 22, melon seeds used cars announced today that they have officially switched to the new e-commerce mode, including melon seeds strict selection and nearly 5000 high-quality car dealers on the open platform. They will end the industry’s mode of offline trading for more than 40 years, realize the online sales of used cars and non-standard products, and users can complete the car purchase without leaving home.
Specific adjustment measures include: under the new e-commerce mode, perfect e-commerce services and guarantees such as national real car source, VR online viewing, professional testing, online buy it now price, door-to-door delivery, full refund after 7 days of trial, etc; Users can complete the second-hand car transaction process online, including car viewing, consultation, order placement, finance, insurance and so on; Melon seeds used car stores in cities across the country were adjusted to urban warehouses, and all offline sales and service personnel of melon seeds were transferred to online stores.
Yang Haoyong, CEO of cheduoduo group, said that digitization and Internet are the only way for industrial upgrading. The essence of industry upgrading and mode iteration is to improve industry efficiency and create user value. The new e-commerce model of used cars has realized more and better vehicle supply, higher turnover efficiency and more comprehensive user protection, which has brought the ultimate experience to users. We believe that the e-commerce model will be the ultimate model of used cars