Apple claims that the A15 is far better than its rival Samsung, and the iPhone 13 is not innovative


Tencent technology news according to foreign media reports, the long-term competition between mobile device manufacturing giants Samsung Electronics and apple shows no signs of weakening. The two companies have recently introduced high-end smartphones to the market and began to attack each other.
At Apple’s event to launch new iPhones, iPads and apple watches on September 14, the company said that the performance of its new A15 “bionic processor” was significantly better than that of its main competitors.
In response, Samsung also criticized apple, which posted a post through its social media channel claiming that the new iPhone 13 had no innovation.
When Apple was promoting its new mobile phone, Samsung Electronics U.S. branch tweeted on Twitter: “who else has the feeling of deja vu? Is it just us?”
Samsung’s U.S. subsidiary added, “how cool would it be if it could be folded in half?” it pointed out that Apple lacked innovation in design compared with the previous iPhone.
Some people interpret this tweet as Samsung’s use of criticism of Apple’s new products to attract consumers’ attention to its new foldable phones Galaxy Z fold 3 and Galaxy Z flip 3, which were released in August.
Samsung further mentioned that the promotion function of the new iPhone can increase the display refresh rate of the device to 120 Hz (Hz), or reduce the display refresh rate of the device to a lower frequency suitable for text and still images. Samsung said, “we have refreshed with 120 Hz for some time.” since the launch of Galaxy S20 smartphone last year, Samsung has provided a display refresh rate of 120 Hz on its devices.
Because high refresh rate can reduce signal delay and achieve smoother scrolling screen and clearer image, 90 Hz or higher refresh rate has become the standard of high-end smart phones.
When talking about the new iPhone, apple said it was equipped with a15 bionic processor – with nearly 15 billion transistors. “It is the fastest CPU of all smartphones, 50% faster than our main competitors. For graphics intensive tasks such as advanced games, A15 bionics is equipped with our latest 4-core GPU, which can achieve more eye-catching visual effects and lighting effects. It provides graphics speed 30% faster than our leading competitors,” the company said.
It remains to be seen whether Samsung can rebuild its position as a high-end smartphone manufacturer with its new folding phone. In Korea, Galaxy Z flip 3 is popular because of its unique design and convenient folding function.
According to the recent data of display supply chain consultants, a market tracking organization, the shipment of foldable smartphones in the third quarter is expected to reach 2.6 million, a significant increase of 480% compared with the same period last year. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Lexue)