Cook received an exclusive interview after the press conference: iPhone is like a professional camera. I’m the number one fan of AR


Tencent technology news on September 15, after the autumn new product launch called “California streaming”, Apple CEO Tim Cook accepted an exclusive interview with well-known YouTube anchor ijustine, talking about the benefits of hosting virtual activities, ipad Mini upgrade, augmented reality (AR) and his favorite Apple fitness + and other functions.
Ijustine first asked what it was like to move from holding live release activities to virtual activities. Cook said he was happy with the feedback obtained from these activities. “It’s great to get such a positive response from people! It’s nice to invite you to come here and see what it looks like inside, which has lifted the veil of the apple orchard to some extent. I’m very happy with the response we received, which helps us show it to more people and invite them to our homes,” he said
Ijustine said that for her, the most surprising part of the keynote speech was the ipad Mini, and asked cook how to see how the new device fits into the iPad lineup.
In this regard, Cook said: “You know, this is the most significant upgrade we have ever made to the ipad Mini. People use it in so many different ways, and we want to promote these ways to more people. People really like to hold this incredible device in the palm of their hand and enjoy the power of the full iPad experience. All its use cases are amazing when you have such an ultra portable device It’s really helpful when using the equipment. ”
Cook was also asked how the new camera feature has changed the way creators use the iPhone. Taking “movie mode” as an example, he replied that it’s like putting a Hollywood professional camera in your pocket.
Cook also talked about how he found that Apple watch and apple fitness + are integrating in a way that allows people to exercise more. He said: “I can’t imagine working out without an apple watch. What surprised me was to see what I thought I had done, not what I really did. You know, this watch inspired me to start really doing what I thought I was doing.”
Ijustine pointed out that Apple’s press conference did not introduce ar too much, but its use of lidar on the device shows that it is becoming more and more important. Cook said: “ar makes me very excited. I think when we review AR technology in the future, we will find that it may be one of the few esoteric technologies. I want to know what our life would be like without it?”
Cook continued: “AR is already a good way to shop and a good way to learn. It enhances the learning process. I can’t wait to make it more important in collaboration. Now, you can experience it in thousands of ways. Of course, these ways will get better and better over time. So I’m the number one fan of ar.”
Finally, cook was asked about the opening of the tower theatre Apple retail store in Los Angeles and how he views the evolution of the apple retail store. The Apple CEO mainly talked about how great it is to rebuild the building after being neglected for ten years. Kuk also said that for him, the key is that the retail store can “Connect the community directly with mentors and creative personnel”. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)