The most complete summary of Apple’s press conference: the iPhone 13 arrived as scheduled, and the price became the biggest highlight


Tencent technology news at 1 a.m. Beijing time on September 15, apple held a new product launch in autumn. Due to the impact of the epidemic, this live broadcast is still the same as last year, in the form of recording. This year is also the last year of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s ten-year term. It is likely to be the last iPhone new product launch he participated in as CEO, but apple did not make any statement at the launch for this sensitive time node.
The biggest surprise of the iPhone 13 series is the price
As usual, the iPhone is always the protagonist at the press conference every autumn. Although Apple delayed the release of the iPhone 12 series last year due to the production capacity problem caused by the epidemic, the addition of 5g made the iPhone 12 sell well all over the world in the past year, which makes many people look forward to this year’s iPhone 13.
Despite previous rumors that Westerners have taboos about the number “13”, the new iPhone may skip this sequence. But Apple tells us with practical actions that they do not believe in evil, and the new iPhone is still named iPhone 13.
Like last year, the new phone still has four models, including iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 Pro max.
All iPhone 13 systems have upgraded the A15 processor, which has become a necessary option for apple at the iPhone launch every year. But this year, apple didn’t spend too much space to introduce the A15 bionic chip. It only introduced that the processor adopts the same 5nm process as last year’s A14, with 6 built-in cores, including 2 large cores and 4 small cores.
In the A15 chip description of iPhone 13, GPU is 4-core
In the A15 chip description of iPhone 13 pro, GPU is 5-core
In order to distinguish between the two series of products with different positioning of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro, Apple has made some technical divisions within A15. The A15 graphics processor on the two phones of iPhone 13 series has only 4 cores, while the A15 graphics processor on the two phones of iPhone 13 Pro Series has been increased to 5 cores.
In addition to the processor, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have also been upgraded in the screen bangs this year. Thanks to the new micro slit earpiece and tighter sensors, the bangs of the whole iPhone 13 series are 20% less than those of the iPhone 12.
Consistent with rumors, this year Apple has brought a new promotion high refresh rate to the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 pro and 6.7-inch 13 Pro Max OLED screens, which can realize intelligent refresh rate switching between 10-120hz. The peak brightness of the screen is 1000nit, and the limit excitation brightness under HDR can reach 1200 nits. The screen sizes of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini are 6.1 and 5.4 inches respectively, the screen brightness is increased by 28%, and the HDR peak brightness is also 1200 nits.
In terms of color matching, the iPhone 13 series has five colors this year. Apple has removed the white and green that were highly praised on the iPhone 12 last year and added a new gold, which is officially called “starlight”.
The iPhone 13 Pro Series has four colors, including gold, silver, black and a light blue, which is officially called “far peak blue”.
Lens is the biggest improvement of iPhone 13 this year. Both iPhone 13 series and iPhone 13 Pro series have been significantly improved.
The lens of iPhone 13 is consistent with the previously exposed information, and the arrangement order of the two lenses is changed from the previous vertical to oblique. The two lenses include a 12 megapixel main lens and a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens. The main lens has an F / 1.6 aperture, while the ultra wide angle lens has an F / 2.4 aperture and a 120 degree field of view.
Sensor shift OIS (optical image anti shake) technology used on iPhone 12 Pro last year was transferred to iPhone 13 and 13 Mini. The amount of light input per unit time of the new camera has increased by 47%, and the area of a single pixel can reach 1.7 μ m。
The lens of iPhone 13 Pro has been improved even more. This year’s iPhone 13 Pro Series has a new three lens module, which is composed of three 12 million pixel lenses.
Among them, the aperture of the main lens is as high as F / 1.5, the ultra wide-angle lens has / 1.8 aperture and 120 ° field angle, and the telephoto lens can achieve equivalent optical zoom of 3 times. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro Series continues to be equipped with lidar as a focusing aid.
Macro photos taken by Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro
With the help of the new lens module, the iPhone 13 Pro Series can achieve six times of lossless zoom from wide-angle to long focus, and the new lens can achieve 2cm macro shooting. In terms of shooting technology, the iPhone 13 Pro adds a new night portrait mode and supports shooting in apple proraw and HDR 4 formats.
1TB storage, which has been passed on for several years, finally appeared this year. Apple has added up to 1TB storage space to iPhone 13 pro and pro max, which is also the largest memory capacity of iPhone so far. IPhone 13 series continues to maintain up to 512gb storage space.

Although Apple has made so many improvements, the “one more thing” of the whole press conference may be the price of the new iPhone this year. On the premise of raising the standard capacity to 128GB, the starting price of this year’s iPhone 13 series has been reduced to varying degrees compared with that of last year’s iPhone 12.
The starting prices of iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 are 5199 and 5999 yuan respectively, which is 300 yuan cheaper than the retail price of iPhone 12 series when the storage capacity doubled last year; The starting prices of iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are 7999 and 8999 yuan, 500 and 300 yuan cheaper than last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Series, respectively.
Apple watch 7 did not change the right angle frame, but it did postpone the release
Before the press conference, it was rumored that the apple watch 7 was immature due to the use of a new design and a new screen, resulting in a delay in listing. However, we still saw this new smart watch at the press conference this morning.
Unlike the rumoured use of the same right angle frame as the iPhone, the overall design style of Apple watch series 7 has no significant change from previous generations of products.
Apple has mainly increased the screen size of this generation of products. The screen of small watches has increased from 40mm to 41mm, while that of large watches has increased from 44mm to 45mm.
The larger screen size is not enough. Apple also reduced the border of the apple watch by 40%, and the screen border thickness of the apple watch series 7 is only 1.7mm.
Series 3 vs. Series 7 screen
The larger screen and smaller frame increase the display range of this year’s smart watch.
Series 6 vs. Series 7 screen
According to the data given by apple, when the screen displays text, the screen of Apple watch series 7 increases the word capacity by up to 50% compared with the sixth generation last year. The larger screen also allows apple to add full keyboard input to this generation of watches.
Apple watch series 7 is also the fastest charging Apple watch so far. The fast charging speed is increased by 33%, and it can be charged to 80% in 45 minutes. After charging for 8 minutes, it can achieve 8-hour sleep tracking life.
Apple watch series 7 supports ipx6 dust and water resistance. The series 7 will be available in five colors, including aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. In addition, of course, there are new Nike and Hermes versions to meet the personalized needs of love sports and Hermes fans.
Although this year’s apple watch series 7 did not use a right angle frame as rumored, at least one rumor is right. Apple officially postponed the release of this smart watch. New iPhone and iPad products have a clear time to market, while Apple watch series 7 was only told that it will be available at the end of the autumn. The price of the national bank version is also a mystery.
How fragrant is the ipad Mini?
The two new iPad products are the latest products released at the press conference, but I put them last because I personally think the new ipad Mini is the most unexpected product at the press conference this fall.
Apple’s positioning of the ipad Mini has not been very clear, but after today, the ipad Mini has obviously been re valued by apple.
The new ipad Mini has the same appearance design as the iPad air. As the smallest product in the iPad series, the iPad min uses a new comprehensive screen design and introduces a right angle frame. This expands the screen size of the ipad Mini to 8.3 inches. It uses a liquid retina display with a screen brightness of up to 500nits and supports true tone and wide color gamut.
At the same time, Apple also moved the fingerprint identification module of the ipad Mini to the frame, and updated the original lightning interface to usb-c interface, all in line with the iPad air.
The most incredible thing is that Apple does not hesitate to use the same “full blood” A15 processor on the ipad Mini as on the iPhone 13 pro, with 6 CPU cores and 5 GPU cores, which may not have been expected by many people before the release of the new ipad Mini. At the same time, because of the A15 processor, the ipad Mini also supports 5g network
In terms of lens, the new ipad Mini front 12MP ultra wide-angle camera supports center stage technology, the rear camera specification is 12 megapixels, the aperture is f / 1.8, and supports intelligent HDR 4K video recording.
The ipad Mini has four colors: black, starlight, pink and purple. There are still two versions of 64GB and 256gb memory. The starting price is significantly higher than that of the previous generation. The starting price of 3799 yuan has also become the most expensive since the birth of the ipad Mini.
In addition to the major revision of the ipad Mini, Apple has also updated the iPad. The new generation iPad sold from 2499 yuan has also become the only product in Apple’s iPad product line that still uses a non full screen + circular touch ID.
The iPad has mainly updated the processor and lens. The new generation of iPad uses A13 bionic chip and upgrades the front and rear camera modules. The rear camera has upgraded the auto focusing function, and the front camera uses a new 12 million pixel ultra wide-angle lens to improve the picture quality.

From the changes of the two iPads, we can clearly see Apple’s positioning for the iPad. They hope that the iPad will continue to maintain a relatively cheap product image, so that it can continue to radiate the tablet computer market below 2500 yuan.
Compared with the three scattered press conferences last year, this year’s apple autumn new product conference is more compact and faster. Of course, this may have something to do with the limited range of changes of the iPhone 13 series.
In the face of the popular iPhone 12 series sold in the global market last year, Apple has tinkered with the 13 series this year. The processor and lens are still the two highlights that can be written in big books. In addition, the cheaper starting price may be the most impressive thing for the iPhone 13 series.
Obviously, Apple hopes to reunite the iPhone, apple watch and iPad through family design. It took Apple three years to promote this matter from the iPad pro. This year, it’s the ipad Mini.