First line Ali integrates Taobao shopping and HEMA market, and the community e-commerce brand is upgraded to “taocai”


Tencent News “frontline” Qi’an
On September 14, Alibaba community e-commerce held a press conference in Changsha, Hunan, announcing that its brand was officially upgraded to “taocai”. After this upgrade, users can find the entrance of dishes on the home page of Taobao app and taote app.
In March this year, Ali integrated retail link and HEMA market to establish a community e-commerce department, with external brands of “HEMA market” and “Taobao shopping”; After this upgrade, the external brands of Alibaba community e-commerce are unified as “panning vegetables”.
At the front end, taocai relies on millions of small stores to build a community “quarter of an hour to facilitate and benefit the people, and a smart community life circle”. In addition to giving play to the functions of “cloud vegetable market” and “cloud convenience store” of taocai, taocai also cooperates with rookie post station, hungry and other businesses to provide flexible customization of “one store with multiple capabilities” for small stores.
Ali said that in the last half of the year, the comprehensive income of small shops connected to vegetables increased by 30%. There are three main sources of income increase: millions of good goods on taocai online have expanded sales revenue, “one store with multiple capabilities” has increased service revenue, and retail smart POS terminal has assisted the business planning and operation of shopkeepers.
In addition, taocai plans to help a number of small stores upgrade to brand stores. On the 14th, the country’s first “vegetable shopping shop” opened in Wanglong new town community, Changsha. The 60 square meter shop is divided into seven functional areas: vegetable shopping pick-up point, fruit and vegetable store, department store, live broadcasting room, recharge station, express station, and public welfare corner, so that the elderly can share cooking and flower art.
At present, taocai is directly connected to nearly 10000 agricultural product bases, and fully connected with digital agricultural origin warehouse, land sales warehouse, as well as its own processing warehouse, central warehouse, grid warehouse and millions of small shops in the community, so as to continuously promote the construction of agricultural product warehouse with cold chain fresh-keeping processing system. Over the past six months, taocai has sold 500 million kilograms of agricultural products.