How much does cook love ar? Talk about AR technology for 15 times in 5 years


Tencent technology news on September 13, since 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly mentioned his and the company’s interest in Augmented Reality (AR) technology on different occasions. Since last year, it has talked about AR 15 times and praised the potential of this technology.
Cook has been Apple’s CEO for 10 years. Although he has built apple into the most valuable company in the world, so far he has not launched a landmark product that can shake the industry like iPhone, iPad or Mac.
But cook has talked more than once about the potential of AR technology to change the rules of the game. Although cook once said that it is difficult to see the attractiveness of Google glasses and the facts have proved that Google glasses are not popular with consumers, cook has always held a positive attitude towards ar since 2016. When most companies in the industry focus on Virtual Reality (VR), cook repeatedly said that AR is better than VR.
As long as apple can create a successful ar product, augmented reality may become a symbol of Cook’s tenure. At present, Apple has not launched an AR glasses or headset, but Cook’s repeated comments on this technology have made it news and convinced investors and users that apple is developing AR technology.
AR is already available on the iPhone and iPad. Although apple is unlikely to release AR or VR devices in 2022, rumors suggest that the company is still steadily developing AR or VR headwear devices and will release them in the near future.
Over the past five years, cook has repeatedly expressed his belief that AR technology is the future trend.
July 2016: Cook said on the earnings conference call: “AR is really great.”
“We have been and will continue to invest a lot of money in this area. In the long run, we are very optimistic about AR, which we think is good for customers and business opportunities. The most important thing is to ensure that our products are compatible with the products of other developers such as Pok é mon go, which is why you see so many iPhone users playing Pok é mon go.”
September 2016: Cook said in an interview that AR is more important than VR.
“There are VR and ar – both technologies are very interesting. But my personal view is that AR technology is the largest of the two technologies, and may be the largest by far.”
AR technology “allows both sides to sit down and concentrate on talking with each other, and there are virtual contents that both sides can see.” maybe it’s something we’re talking about, or another person who isn’t present. AR can make him look present. ”
“There are a lot of cool things there.”
August 2016: cook briefly mentioned AR in a public introduction: “I think AR is very interesting and can be said to be a core technology. Therefore, this is one of the many things we are talking about behind the scenes.”
October 2016: cook elaborated on the importance of AR and why it is better than VR; He also stressed that AR faces major technical challenges before being accepted by the public.
“When it comes to AR being accepted by the public, for example, everyone here will be able to experience AR, so everyone here should think AR is an ‘acceptable thing’.”
“No one here, or very few people, can accept that they are completely tied to the computer; and very few people can accept being closed somewhere, because we are all social people in essence. Even the most introverted people are social people. We like others and we want to interact. In these two scenarios, AR is probably the most popular application.”
“I think eventually everyone will have an AR experience every day, just as three meals a day become a part of your life, and as indispensable as our smart phones, so ar will become very important. Compared with AR, I don’t think the volume of VR will be so large. I don’t mean it’s not important, VR is also very important.”
”From the perspective of education, I am very interested in VR. I think it is very helpful to education and games. But I can’t imagine that when you sit with me, you can have a common VR experience in a closed environment; But I can imagine that everyone here has the same ar experience. Of course, the current technology can not be realized, so how long will it take? ”
“Ar will take some time, because there are still some really difficult technical challenges. But ar will be realized, and it will become a reality in a huge way; when it comes, we will think, how can we live without ar? Just like how can we live without mobile phones today.
October 2016: Cook said in an interview that although “VR has some interesting applications”, AR is better than VR because “nothing can replace people’s contact with each other”. So you need technology to promote this. ”
“The development of AR technology will take some time, but I do think it has far-reaching significance… If we all stand here have ar experience, we can have a more effective dialogue, right? So I think it would be better if we can integrate similar things, which will not become an obstacle to our conversation. You hope technology can strengthen communication, not an obstacle.”
February 2017: cook deepened his thinking on the potential of AR and thought that AR was a great idea similar to smart phones.
“I’m very excited about AR because it doesn’t isolate the world like VR. Ar allows users to appear in the real world, but it can improve what is happening right now. Most people don’t want to isolate themselves from the world for a long time, and you can’t do that, otherwise there will be problems. With AR technology, you can make some virtual content a part of the real world As part of communication. That will resonate. ”

”I think it’s a great idea like a smartphone. Smart phones are for everyone. We don’t have to think that iPhone is for specific people, specific markets or specific fields: it is for everyone. I think the volume of AR will be very large. I am very excited because AR technology can improve the lives of many people and will be very interesting. I look at Ar as I look at the chip in the iPhone. It is not a product in itself, but a core technology. However, there is still a lot to think about before this technology is good enough to become the mainstream. I really think AR can really help people in their daily life, which is why I am so excited about it.
June 2017: cook described Apple’s vision in AR in detail in an interview:
“I think it’s far-reaching. I’m so excited and I want to shout. The first step to making ar a mainstream experience is to integrate it into the operating system. We’re building it into IOS 11, opening the interface to developers and unleashing the creativity of millions of people. Even we can’t predict what will happen.”
”You can already foresee something. We talked to IKEA. They have 3D furniture images that can change your whole shopping experience. In this case, you can place furniture and other items in your home. You can accept this idea and begin to think that it is a natural extension from enterprises to consumers. Not many technologies can do this. ”
“You will see what is happening in the enterprise, in which ar technology is the basis of work. You will also see some very cool consumer goods. Can we achieve everything we want to do now? No. this technology is not perfect, but it is beautiful to some extent. We have an incredible runway in front of us. It’s time to fasten your seat belt and start. When people begin to see it When something is possible, they will be very excited – just like us, just like us in the past. ”
October 2017: cook answered the question “what technology is’ Revolutionary ‘?” when attending the Oxford University event. Cook said that AR has a wide range of uses.
“I’m very interested in AR because I can see its uses everywhere. I can see its uses in education, consumers, entertainment and sports. I can see it in every industry I know.”
“I also like the fact that it won’t be isolated from the world. I don’t like that our products imprison people. I like that our products can strengthen thinking, and I think AR can help enhance the connection between people. I’ve never been a fan of VR technology, because I think its role is just the opposite. Although there are some cool segments in VR, in my opinion, these contents are not No. AR technology is of great significance. ”
October 2017: Cook said in an interview that although Apple does not intend to establish a “huge clothing database”, it will support companies engaged in corresponding work in the AR field.
“Think about the fashion show, this is where AR can be used. You must want to see the omni-directional three-dimensional effect of this skirt, not just the front.” he stressed that many catwalks can only be broadcast live, and the audience participating in the show is a minority after all.
November 2017: with the introduction of arkit platform into IOS 11 system, Cook said at the earnings conference call that Apple has built the world’s largest ar platform.
“Today, there are more than 1000 applications with powerful ar functions in our app store. Developers have created amazing new ar experiences for consumers, students and enterprise users in almost every type of application.”
“In short, we believe that AR will forever change the way we use technology. We have seen something that will change the way you work, play, connect and learn. For example, you can interact with all the virtual models you can imagine through some AR applications. Of course, you experience them as if they were really in that environment.”
“When every theme can be presented in 3D, education will immediately become more powerful. Imagine that you can put what you want to buy in the living room when shopping, or you can see the real-time statistics on the field when watching the live broadcast of sports events. Ar will change everything.”
October 2017: after the release of arkit, cook admitted that the AR technology used for headset devices or smart glasses has not reached the level required by apple.
“I can tell you that there is no technology that can do this in a high-quality way. The display technology required and the number of components installed in the device are great challenges. Neither the field of vision nor the quality of the display itself can meet the level required by apple.”
“We don’t care what comes first. We just want to be the best and give people a great experience. But now anything you see in the market won’t satisfy us. I don’t think most people will be satisfied.”
“Most technical challenges can be solved, but it’s a matter of time.”
February 2018: at Apple’s earnings conference call, cook described the “great excitement” brought by AR technology to customers.
“AR technology will completely change many of our user experiences on mobile devices. We provide developers with the most advanced tools on the market through arkit to develop applications for the most advanced operating system running on the most advanced hardware. Only apple can do that.”
October 2018: Cook said in an interview that AR will become an indispensable technology.
“I think one day we will think, how can we live without it. We can have a deeper dialogue through ar.”
“The future is now,” he added.
January 2020: Cook said in a public speech that AR “is the next big thing” and will “penetrate into our whole life”. He gave an example of a company using AR technology and described its potential use.

“Yesterday, I visited a war ducks company in Dublin. There are 15 employees here who are integrating AR technology for games. You can imagine that AR is incredible for game applications, and it is also true for our current conversation. You and I may be discussing an article that we can use AR to show it, so that we can be in the same place Time to see the content of the article. ”
“I don’t think it will isolate people from each other. We can use it to strengthen communication rather than replace the connection between people. In other technologies, I’ve been very worried about this.”
April 2021: cook recognized Ar as “a vital part of Apple’s future” in an interview. He envisions that AR will be used in the fields of health care, education, retail and games. “With the use of mobile phones, I have seen ar take off in these fields. I think the future will be greater.”
Obviously, cook has been optimistic about AR for a long time. But so far, Apple’s biggest action in the field of augmented reality is still the arkit framework launched in 2017. It relies on iPhone and iPad cameras and sensors; When the device points to a specific area, the corresponding application can overlay virtual images in 3D space. Arkit can be used on Apple devices, which means that amateur ar enthusiasts can achieve many cool small projects. When arkit was released, some media believed that this technology could make apple catch up with its competitor Google in the AR field.
Although arkit’s early projects were interesting, they were no longer hot after a few months. Since then, Apple has only made some small moves in ar. In May 2019, Apple launched the AR application of the statue of liberty. Cook said: “ar will change the way we contact with world heritage sites. The AR application of the statue of liberty is just the beginning.” in July 2019, Apple launched an AR art course for IOS users.
In addition to cook’s continuous public support for AR technology, there are other signs that apple is actively developing AR technology. Apple hired NAT brown, a technology magnate in the mixed reality field and a former Microsoft employee; List dozens of recruitment information about AR and VR work; In 2015 and 2017, it acquired metaio and sensormotor successively; Patent applications such as “head mounted display” devices, etc.
Since 2018, it has been reported that Apple plans to release ar headgear and AR glasses. It is reported that Apple has 1000 engineers dedicated to its VR and AR project code named “t288”. It is expected that the project will include a VR / AR headset device to be released in 2021 or 2022 and a pair of AR fashion glasses to be released in 2023.
However, the latest information shows that Apple’s VR / AR headset devices may need to rely on devices such as iPhone as processors, and the built-in core headset devices apple is developing may need to wait another year. Some people are not optimistic about Apple glasses. Although the information shows that Apple may still release ar glasses in 2023, analysts believe that it is more likely to release ar glasses in 2025.
It is not surprising that apple takes time to manufacture ar hardware devices. It can be predicted that the company will spend a lot of time on AR or VR headwear devices. After vigorously publicizing the potential of AR technology, cook certainly doesn’t want apple to repeat the mistakes of Google glasses because of the premature launch of Apple glasses, and it won’t happen until the technology reaches Apple’s high standards. (compiled by Tencent technology / Jiao Han)