Apple autumn conference Outlook: iPhone 13 will be the absolute protagonist


Tencent technology news on September 13, at 1 a.m. Beijing time on September 15, Apple’s 2021 autumn new product launch called “California streaming” will begin. Unlike in the past, Apple may refine this year’s new product launch activities. The iPhone 13 will be the undisputed absolute protagonist at the first press conference, and almost all announcements will focus on the new smartphone.
New iPhone 13
It is almost certain that the new iPhone will be the core of the event. Apple usually releases the iPhone at this time of year. The well-known technology reporter mark gurman usually provides reliable information about Apple. He also confirmed many rumors and specifications of the 2021 iPhone 13.
Although the name of the iPhone 13 has almost been determined, the rumored upgrade does make people feel that it is closer to the iPhone 12s. Gulman predicts that the iPhone 13 will have smaller bangs, faster screen refresh rate and faster A15 processor, which may be the biggest improvement. Apple is expected to make minor adjustments, from the portrait mode of video to supporting improved prores video recording. The screen size and model range of iPhone 13 may remain the same as that of iPhone 12. Apple is expected to launch iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and, of course, iPhone 13 Mini.
Gulman also pointed out that apple did test the off-screen touch ID function of the iPhone 13, but it won’t appear this year. It is reported that Apple’s ultimate goal is to add an off-screen camera to its face ID technology. For now, the iPhone 13 will continue to maintain bangs, although it will become smaller.
Although gulman’s prediction has been confirmed by macrumors, 9to5mac and other media focusing on Apple information, there is little specific information on price and release date. These important details about the iPhone 13 must wait until the press conference. Last year, the iPhone 12 ordinary model started at $1100 and went on sale on October 23, 2020.
Redesigned Apple watch series 7
We are about to usher in the seventh generation of Apple’s popular smart watch, which looks like it will get the biggest redesign in years. According to gulman, apple watch series 7 will be equipped with similar flat edge designs such as iPad pro, iPad air and iPhone 13, and old apple phones such as iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 will also adopt this design.
This new design will also lead to a larger screen. It is unclear whether this means that the overall device will become wider or whether the thinner borders will be compatible. Higher resolution will also provide more space for applications on the screen. It is expected that the screen of the new watch will be increased from 1.78 inches to 1.9 inches, and the overall watch size will be increased from 40mm and 44mm to 41mm and 45mm.
Like all newly released Apple watches, users can expect this latest product to adopt a faster processor, allow faster navigation, and let Apple continue to build its health and fitness tracking function. There are few details about the new tracking features that may appear in Apple watch series 7. Blood glucose monitoring and body temperature sensors may appear on future models, but they will not appear on Apple watch series 7.
Like the iPhone 13, the pricing and release date of the apple watch series 7 are still unclear. The current apple watch series 6 starts at $524 and was released on September 18, 2020.
IOS 15 release
Apple’s IOS 15 has been released, and the preview version has been opened to developers. Its official release date is expected to be synchronized with the iPhone 13. The main features of the new IOS version include improvements to FaceTime, from adding spatial audio and voice isolation to eliminating distractions and grid views. In addition to the grid view, the function of sending invitation links to people outside the apple ecosystem is designed to bring more zoom experience to FaceTime.
Another important new feature is shareplay, which requires a lot of testing to confirm Apple’s ambitions. Shareplay will allow FaceTime users to watch movies and TV programs together. This feature will be supported by Disney +, twitch, tiktok, etc. However, so far there is no Netflix.
The remaining new features of IOS 15 are designed to integrate the operating system. The quality of IMessage, notification, Safari, photos, apple wallet and other functions has been adjusted.
These devices may be absent
Several highly anticipated product updates seem to be coming, but may not appear at the iPhone 13 launch. Apple may hold multiple launch events in the coming months, but it is almost certain that these events will not take place in September. The following products may not be released on September 14:
New iPad
The new iPad belongs to the former category. Apple’s new entry-level tablet should be available soon. Gulman has found that the current version of the iPad can no longer be ordered in American stores.
According to gulman, the last update to the entry-level iPad only improved the internal processor, but this time it looks like it has been slimmed down. Thinner designs and faster processors may still not be enough to attract many people who may want to make more significant upgrades.

For such a desire, it is expected that Apple will launch a new and completely redesigned ipad Mini, its heavy frame will be greatly reduced, and faster chips will be added. It is not clear whether these two new models will adopt the brighter color options provided by the latest iPad air and IMAC models.
Airpods 3 in more colors
According to businessofapps, Apple sold 114 million airpods in 2020, a significant improvement over 15 million in 2017. With such huge sales, Apple has not made major updates since the release of the first generation of airpods in September 2016. It is a little surprising that only airpods 2 has been updated on a small scale. However, impressive sales can be achieved without major updates, which may be why Apple is reluctant to upgrade.
With the launch of airpods 3, the performance of popular wireless headphones will eventually be significantly improved. Gulman expects that the new model will provide a closer look to the airpods pro, but reduce the features to match the lower price. Active noise cancellation (ANC) will not occur.
Like the IMAC and iPad air in many colors, the airpods 3 will also have a new color choice. Since the advent of this headset, all airpods have only white options. However, what these new colors will be and whether there will be any new color choices remain to be confirmed.
The price of airpods 3 may be the key to their success. Many new wireless headphones are as high as $138 and provide top-level functions such as ANC. The recently released nothing ear 1 headset has brought great challenges to the new airpods. At present, the price of airpods is $220 (with charging box) and $275 (with wireless charging box) respectively. Apple can usually sell equipment at a higher price than many competitors, but if the price remains unchanged, more fierce competition than ever before may affect it. There is little speculation about the price of airpods 3, but some improvements will encourage potential buyers, that is, the battery life will be extended.
Long awaited new MacBook Pro
Apple is not expected to launch the new iPad or airpods 3 at its press conference on Tuesday, but it would not be surprising if any of them suddenly appeared at the last minute. However, the much anticipated m1x or M2 driven MacBook Pro models are unlikely to appear.
Guo Mingli Z, a well-known Apple analyst, said that the new MacBook Pro device will be put into operation in the third quarter of this year and shipped before November. These claims were also supported by gulman, who pointed out that the production problems of the miniled screen of the new laptop led to some delays.
Although the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M1 processor are impressive in themselves, they are not powerful enough to compare with the performance of mobile workstations provided by 16 inch Intel macbook pro and 13 inch MacBook Pro models. According to gulman, the new m1x aims to solve this problem, comprehensively increase power and redesign the new device to make it different from previous Intel products. The new system on chip (SOC) will have more cores and up to 64 GB of ram. MacBook has a wide range of interfaces, including a new magnetic MagSafe charger, SD card slot, additional thunderbolt interface, and even HDMI interface. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jinlu)