Ant forest responded that Haloxylon ammodendron was not planted: Haloxylon ammodendron was relatively small, but it still survived tenaciously


Tencent technology news on September 13, a netizen recently exposed that Haloxylon ammodendron is suspected not to be planted in No. 277 ant forest in Alxa Left Banner, Inner Mongolia.
In response, ant group responded: on the morning of September 13, ant forest staff rushed to the scene to check. The video screen showed that Haloxylon ammodendron planting traces were obvious in the desert, and tree pits were evenly distributed on a 3x5m grid. Due to the dry climate, the Haloxylon ammodendron in the planting pit is relatively small, but it still survives tenaciously, and there is no “no afforestation” feedback from netizens.
Ant group said: for the plots planted and accepted by various cooperation foundations, we will conduct another verification and audit. Last year, the Northwest Survey, planning and Design Institute of the State Forestry and grassland administration and the East China survey, planning and Design Institute of the State Forestry and grassland administration were entrusted to complete the corresponding work. The verification and audit in the autumn of 2021 is about to begin. It is planned to invite netizens to participate. The relevant registration will be launched recently. Please protect the ant forest together.
Some forest rangers said that due to the less precipitation in Alxa area, the density of Haloxylon ammodendron planting planning is relatively sparse according to the requirements of ecological carrying capacity and scientific greening, and the number of Haloxylon ammodendron planting per mu is about 45. At the same time, Haloxylon ammodendron is a low shrub suitable for desertification areas. It is short above the surface, but its roots are deep. It mainly depends on its roots to fix sand. In drought years, Haloxylon ammodendron will become shorter to reduce water loss, which is also the ability evolved by Haloxylon ammodendron to cope with drought.