Wechat payment releases the product scheme of “shopping mall payment”


On September 11, the interface news learned that wechat payment released the new product scheme “shopping mall payment” for the first time. In the “shopping mall payment” scheme, through the “shopping mall payment” capability and the “payment is integral” capability of wechat payment, shopping malls and brands can connect traffic through wechat payment, wechat applet and so on.
At the same time, customers scan the code of offline materials in the mall to enter the mall applet, select the catering brand that wants to order and pre order. After scanning the code and order and completing the payment, they will automatically jump back to the mall applet and display the mall rights and interests such as coupons and points of other brands. Bai Zhenjie, operation director of wechat payment industry, disclosed that the scheme was launched in July 2021. At present, cooperation cases include Wanda Plaza and Changsha Guojin street.