Zero technology launches a twin rotor Falcon UAV with a endurance of 50 minutes


On September 9, the new dual rotor Falcon UAV of zero technology was officially put on sale. The endurance time of the UAV reached 50 minutes, and the Standard Version (including a battery) was priced at 7999 yuan.
It is reported that this UAV adopts V-shaped horizontal twin rotor structure, with a folded size of 220.6 x 148.2 x 72.3 mm and a total weight of 760g. At the same time, it is equipped with a three-axis mechanical stabilization pan tilt, which can rotate in the yaw direction to ± 80 degrees, supports 4k30 frames and 2.7k60 frames of ultra-high definition video, and the image transmission distance of the digital image transmission system can be up to 7 km.
Previously, zero technology has received a cumulative investment of US $50 million from IDG, Jinshajiang venture capital, Zhenge fund and Zhejiang mintou.