Tesla established an energy trading team to support battery and renewable energy projects


Tencent technology news on September 9, according to the information on Tesla website and LinkedIn, the electric vehicle manufacturer is setting up an energy trading team to support its battery and renewable energy projects.
Julian Lamy, head of energy trading and market operations at Tesla, posted on LinkedIn this week: “I am setting up a new team at Tesla to focus on energy trading and market operation. This team will promote the performance of Tesla’s global battery + renewable energy project team, accumulate expertise in the energy wholesale market, and support the development of Tesla’s automated energy trading platform autobidder.”
Lamy linked to a job for “senior energy trading analyst in the energy market”. In the relevant job description, it sounds like a stock trader in the field of energy assets:
We are looking for senior energy trading analysts to drive continuous performance improvements in the world’s largest battery storage projects, including Tesla grid scale battery teams (i.e. transmission level) and virtual power plants (i.e. aggregation of residential batteries at distribution level) Using Tesla’s internal automated trading platform autobidder, you will be responsible for bidding batteries to multiple energy wholesale markets to ensure that assets meet contractual obligations and comply with market rules.
This includes developing and implementing trading strategies, monitoring automated trading systems, balancing risks and expected returns of different trading strategies, making real-time trading decisions during key market opportunities, analyzing asset performance and market conditions, developing tools to support analysis, proposing and developing new algorithmic ideas and strategies as part of the team’s research and development process, and communicating complex information to a wide audience And show it to internal and external stakeholders.
This position requires professional knowledge of the power wholesale market. The job seeker will use autobidder to “lead the transaction and real-time operation of battery, solar and wind energy projects participating in the wholesale energy market”. According to the announcement, the position of senior energy transaction analyst will be located in Palo Alto, California.
Autobidder is a real-time trading and control platform for energy assets, such as Tesla PowerPack, Powerwall and Megapack. It is optimized through machine learning to make better use of these assets and realize monetization more directly.
Autobidder was first launched last year. Data earlier this year showed that the platform has managed more than 1.2gwh of energy storage. As Tesla deploys more energy assets, the platform is becoming more and more important to the company.
Tesla clearly wants to build a complete team of these traders to manage their growing energy assets, which are growing rapidly through large-scale new battery projects using Megapack, but has also recently been building new virtual power plants. Last month, Tesla announced its first in-house virtual power plant fully using powerwalls in California. Finally, the The company hopes to become a global power supply company through this business model.
John McClellan, managing director of the recruitment company aurex group, said: “Tesla’s energy sector is becoming a distributed energy supplier in residential and power supply.”
Tesla is expanding its business, including home solar and large battery storage facilities, but this currently accounts for only a small part of its total revenue. Last month, Tesla energy ventures applied to the Texas Power Commission to become a retail power supplier.
As early as last October, musk told investors: “Tesla’s energy sector will become an important part of Tesla’s future activities. From the beginning, Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the transition of sustainable energy, which means sustainable energy production and sustainable energy consumption in the form of electric vehicles.” (reviewed by Tencent Technology / Jinlu)