Apple held a new product launch or released iPhone 13 on September 15


Tencent technology news in the early morning of September 8 Beijing time, Apple announced the invitation to the autumn conference in 2021 as scheduled. As before, Apple will hold a new product launch on September 15 Beijing time, and a number of new products, including the iPhone 13 series, may appear at the launch.
The invitation letter released by Apple changed the previous design, adopted real scene photos and put Apple’s logo. The English slogan is “California streaming” and the Chinese is “California calling”. Due to the epidemic situation, the press conference was still held in the form of online recording and broadcasting.
The biggest attraction of this autumn new product launch is undoubtedly the iPhone 13 series. According to the previous disclosure, Apple will still launch four iPhone 13 series products this year, including iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 Pro max. Although the market sales of the iPhone 12 Mini did not meet Apple’s expectations and suffered the embarrassment of cutting orders in the second quarter of this year, the iPhone 13 Mini still appeared in the rumors.
According to the exposed product pictures, the overall design of this generation of iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 has not changed much. It still adopts the design of right angle middle frame + front and rear glass panels.
The biggest improvement comes from the bangs on the top of the front screen. It is said that the bangs on the iPhone 13 will be significantly smaller than those on the current iPhone 12. It is said that Apple has adopted a hidden earpiece scheme, which can make more internal space for the face ID, so as to reduce the bangs area. This is also the first time Apple has changed the screen in four years.
In addition, the earpiece of iPhone 13 was moved to the top frame position, and the ambient light sensor also introduced an off-screen design. It is possible to be equipped with an upgraded face ID technology, which can be easily recognized when wearing a mask and fogging glasses. At the same time, the rear camera of the basic iPhone 13 series has become a diagonal arrangement, and the high-end version has increased the size of lidar. The battery capacity of the four models has been fully upgraded, and the body thickness will increase to about 7.65mm.
In addition, it is said that the iPhone 13 will introduce Samsung’s new AMOLED screen, support ltpo technology, and the high-end version (pro and pro max) will support promotion adaptive refresh rate technology up to 120Hz.
In terms of color matching, Apple’s iPhone 13 series, like the previous generation, has launched a total of ten colors. The two basic versions confirm that they will provide new pink versions and six colors such as blue, white, green, black and red, while the two high-end versions have the latest news from the production line that the black version of the previous trial production has been cut off, with a total of blue and gold, Silver and gray are available in four colors, among which the blue style is similar to sky blue, which is consistent with past rumors.
The iPhone 13 series has also comprehensively upgraded the imaging system. Not only the displacement anti shake function of the sensor is standard for the whole line, but also the size of the main camera sensor will be larger. Among them, the basic model is 12MP 1 / 1.9 inch sensor, and the high-end version is upgraded to 12MP 1 / 1.73 inch sensor. The ultra wide lens brings auto focusing, 6p lens group and f1.8 aperture. Lidar lidar is equipped as standard, and the main camera of 6.7 inch version will monopolize f1.5 ultra large aperture lens.
Meanwhile, according to the latest disclosure from the production line, the actual battery capacity of the 6.7-inch iphone13 Pro Max has reached 4456 MAH, which is higher than the 4352 MAH exposed in the past, but it is expected to be a typical value of battery capacity. However, it is uncertain whether the 6.1-inch iphone13 Pro will also have a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, or there is just a scheduling difference.
The iPhone 13 series is also pre installed with IOS 15 system and A15 processor, which has lower power consumption, improves the motherboard design and improves the heat dissipation capacity, and embeds a customized X60 baseband chip. The RAM memory capacity of the four models remains unchanged, but the high-end version will increase 1TB.
And according to the source, the 512gb capacity version of the iPhone 13 Pro Series will fall to the price of 256gb in the past, that is, about 10099 yuan. It seems to have confirmed the rumors that the 256gb version will be cancelled. It is reported that the iPhone 13 series will be released on September 14, pre-sale will start on September 17, and then on September 24.
In addition to the iPhone 13, the products rumored to appear at Apple’s autumn press conference also include airpods 3, apple watch series 7, ipad Mini 6, new macbook pro and other new products.