Xu Lei, CEO of Jingdong retail, was promoted to President of Jingdong group and reported to Liu qiangdong


Xu Lei, President of new Jingdong group
Tencent News “frontline” Qi’an
On September 6, JD group announced that Xu Lei, CEO of JD retail, was promoted to President of JD group. He will be responsible for the daily operation and coordinated development of various business segments and report to Mr. Liu qiangdong, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of JD group; Mr. Xin Lijun, CEO of JD health, served as CEO of JD retail, and Mr. Jin enlin, head of JD health medicine department, served as CEO of JD health.
After Xu Lei is promoted to President of Jingdong group to assist Mr. Liu qiangdong in carrying out relevant business work, Liu qiangdong will devote more time to long-term strategic design, young CEO training and Rural Revitalization. At present, Jingdong group has a perfect management echelon and has formed a large number of excellent managers with positive values, strong management ability and good business quality represented by Xu Lei.
Xu Lei has established the Jingdong retail business philosophy of “trust based and customer-centered value creation” since he joined Jingdong for more than ten years, especially since he became the CEO of Jingdong retail in July 2018, and led the retail business to achieve high-quality growth for three consecutive years. Xin Lijun has successfully achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1 since he joined JD for nearly a decade, especially since he took charge of health business in 2019, and has made outstanding contributions to becoming the “national chief health housekeeper”. Jin enlin led JD health medicine team to achieve sustained high performance growth.
JD group has formed a mature decision-making mechanism. After more than two years of running in and operation, the Strategic Executive Committee (SEC) composed of heads of business segments and functional systems and the strategic decision-making committee (SDC) composed of dozens of heads of front-line business departments of the group have formed a good collective decision-making and rapid response mechanism.