Tesla Berlin plant will receive more than $1 billion for making batteries, and Germany will determine the specific amount of subsidies by the end of this year


Tencent technology news on September 6, Tesla Berlin super factory is about to be put into operation. The company hopes that the first batch of Tesla electric vehicles made in Germany will be offline in October this year. The German government also began to discuss how much subsidies Tesla Berlin super factory will get for making batteries.
On Sunday local time, a spokesman for the German Ministry of economy said that Germany plans to decide by the end of 2021 how much subsidies Tesla Berlin super factory will receive for battery manufacturing. These subsidies come from the European battery innovation project approved by the European Commission earlier this year.
The European battery innovation project has invested a total of 2.9 billion euros (about US $3.5 billion) to encourage research and innovation in the field of local batteries in Europe. In February this year, the European Commission announced the list of companies eligible for subsidies for European battery innovation projects. Tesla is on the list in battery component manufacturing, battery system, battery recycling and sustainable development.
When the list was released, it did not disclose how much subsidy Tesla would receive. Local government insiders speculate that there may be more than one billion dollars.
It is reported that Tesla plans to invest 5 billion euros (about 6 billion dollars) in the battery manufacturing department of Tesla’s Berlin super factory. Elon Musk, CEO of the company, once pointed out that Tesla Berlin super factory will have the largest battery production department in the world.
The battery workshop of Tesla Berlin super factory is expected to produce the long-awaited 4680 batteries. Tesla is still improving the 4680 battery production process at its Fremont plant in California. The company plans to produce model y electric vehicles with 4680 batteries at the Berlin super factory and the Texas super factory. However, Tesla hinted that it may produce model y electric vehicles equipped with 2170 batteries in these two factories( Tencent technology reviser / Jiao Han)