The concession of Apple App store is not difficult to calm the resentment of developers and increase the trouble of some users


Tencent technology news on September 3, Apple’s app store made a new concession on Wednesday, allowing those so-called “reader” apps to provide users with paid registration links, so they don’t have to pay a commission to apple. This adjustment allows subscription and content service applications such as Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Kindle to bypass Apple’s payment system.
Apple just made some concessions to developers last week. At the same time, Apple also faces legal and regulatory challenges, including the antitrust lawsuit filed by Epic Games, the developer of the popular game fortress night.
What is a “reader” application?
Apple said that “reader” applications mainly provide digital content that users have previously purchased, or provide subscription services such as magazines, newspapers, books, music and videos. Apple’s app store will determine which apps belong to the category of “reader” apps.
Apple did not disclose which applications belong to the “reader” category, but e-book readers such as Kindle, spotify, Netflix, HBO max, Disney + and other video streaming services are likely to belong to this category.
When a user registers to purchase a paid service in the app, it will be regarded as an in app purchase, which means that the app needs to use Apple’s payment system and pay a commission to apple.
Many audio and video streaming services previously required users to register and enter payment information on their own websites rather than applications, so as to avoid paying commissions ranging from 15% to 30% to apple. Apple has blocked developers from providing links to paid registrations within apps.
What are not included in “reader” applications?
Japanese regulators said payment methods for other applications such as video games had not changed. The investigation by Japanese regulators led apple to introduce a new global policy. However, Japanese regulators said they might investigate game transactions in Apple’s app store in the future.
This means that the biggest battle against the rules of Apple’s app store, the lawsuit of Epic Games, the developer of Fortress night, continues. The judge is expected to rule on the case soon.
Apps that provide physical goods or services such as Amazon, Uber and LYFT don’t have to pay any fees because Apple doesn’t think they sell “digital goods”.
Will the new regulations satisfy other regulators and game developers?
Of course not“ Many app developers other than “reader” apps expressed anger at Apple’s strict regulations and high commissions, leading local antitrust regulators to review how Apple operates its app store.
Hours after Japanese regulators reached a settlement with apple, India launched a new antitrust lawsuit; South Korea has approved a bill to impose restrictions on the payment rules of Google and Apple App Stores.
Shweta khajuria, an analyst at evercore ISI, an investment bank, said, “if they start to give in because of regulatory pressure… This may be a start, or even make greater concessions, not only reader applications, but also games and online dating applications.”
Who wins and who loses?
Audio and video streaming companies such as Netflix and spotify will find it easy to register paying users.
Users of this “reader like” application will find it easier to register through links in the application than before. At present, many applications do not provide guidance on how to register paying users outside the application, but only provide a simple login interface for existing users.
Apple is also unlikely to lose a lot of revenue, because many of the largest “reader” applications such as spotify and Netflix took this approach a few years ago to bypass the in app payment system.
For apple, the loss of app store revenue is likely to come from those emerging media applications. After the rule adjustment, these apps can now more easily register paying users outside the app, so they may no longer use Apple’s in app payment system.
But even after the rule changes, the redundant step of jumping to an external website link will make many users reluctant to complete the whole registration process.
Analysts said the change would only allow smaller developers to maintain direct contact with users. But these developers are not large enough to reach millions of users.
“People may be disappointed that Apple has not made greater concessions,” said Susannah Streeter, a market analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, a private investment firm
“Apple still has barriers,” she said She also said that in the process of waiting for the epic ruling, Apple will not show any disadvantage in this regard( (compiled by Tencent technology / Jiao Han)