NVIDIA’s market value is expected to surpass apple in five years? Omniverse becomes the key to unlocking the “meta universe”


Kim Digg, a technology columnist, predicts that NVIDIA’s market value is expected to surpass apple in five years thanks to the growth of artificial intelligence economy.
NVIDIA has launched Omniverse, a real-time simulation and collaboration platform, and attracted more than 50000 independent developers to download it.
NVIDIA believes that Omniverse will unlock the key to a larger cosmic economy and make more companies winners in this field
But just as autonomous taxis have not yet been commercially available, kindig believes that the construction of the metauniverse also needs more time.
Tencent technology news on September 3, Beth kindig, an American technology columnist, recently predicted that the market value of chip giant NVIDIA is expected to surpass Apple within five years, because the scale of the so-called “artificial intelligence economy” will reach four times that of the “mobile economy”, which promotes apple to the throne of “the world’s highest market value company”. Kindig predicts that when AI matures in 2030, it will contribute about $15 trillion to GDP, while mobile devices can bring an annual growth of $4.4 trillion.
This analysis discusses some potential product advantages of NVIDIA with its GPU and new software suites that allow AI computing to be accelerated on virtual machines rather than bare metal servers. In addition, Kingdee also re examined his initial conclusion around the GPU driven cloud computing business and the adoption of unified computing architecture (CUDA) by developers, and believed that the growth in these two areas would remain strong three years later.
There are many forward-looking catalysts supporting NVIDIA’s vision as companies seek to reduce costs and increase production through artificial intelligence. In fact, when kindig predicted that the artificial intelligence economy would be four times larger than the mobile economy, NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun said: “NVIDIA Omniverse or metaverse will become a new economy, larger than our current economic scale.”
The primordial universe has sprouted
The basic definition of metauniverse is an interactive, immersive and collaborative shared virtual 3D world. The word was first coined by American writer Neal Stephenson in his science fiction snow crash in 1992. Nowadays, many articles describe the metauniverse in detail. For example, Cathy Hackl once pointed out that the metauniverse should be described as “the digital reality of people’s work, entertainment and social”.
In some ways, social media and games are stepping stones to realize these virtual reality. How many of us have friends and acquaintances we’ve never met on social media, such as twitter or fortress night, or people we haven’t seen in a decade on Facebook or LinkedIn but feel very close?
If your virtual life on the Internet is as real as your real life, you have preliminarily experienced the concept of meta universe. The concept of virtual economy already exists in many games, in which you can trade virtual goods, and players can get paid for creating content. The idea of cryptocurrency mining is also one of the examples of replacing real-world work with virtual currency and value. Bitcoin is now worth $1 trillion, comparable to the market value of companies such as faamg. At the same time, we have seen a lot of evidence that the virtual world has been transformed into the real world.
This new economic model will require the joint efforts of many companies and users. As mentioned earlier, the term metauniverse is not new. Technology companies have been using it for the past few years. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox, mentioned four years ago that he is a believer in the meta universe. In addition to various games and AR / VR tools provided by the company, Microsoft also acquired mojang studios, the developer of my world. Due to the Games in the digital world and the huge user base, my world may become one of the pioneers of the future of the meta universe.
Roblox is another company that accepted this concept earlier. On average, more than 36 million young people come to roblox to entertain, learn and interact in 3D virtual space. Neil rmer, co-founder of Index Ventures, an early investor of roblox, made it clear in an interview: “no company can independently establish a meta universe, which requires the efforts of the whole industry.”
It should be pointed out that there are also unsuccessful beginnings and early sprouts in the field of technology. By 2020, when related news had caused a lot of discussion, Kim digger had explained in detail why it was impossible for autopilot to become a reality in the near future. Three years later, we haven’t seen a self driving taxi or anything like it. Similarly, it takes more time to build a metauniverse.
How to construct the meta universe?
NVIDIA’s Omniverse is a simulation and collaboration platform that will be partially used to build the metauniverse. Since Omniverse opened its beta in December 2020, more than 50000 independent developers have downloaded it. In contrast, the number of people registered on CUDA platform is only 2 million. Due to the integration with blender and adobe, the number of developers is now open, where it may reach millions of additional users.
In Huang Renxun’s words, “we are glad to launch NVIDIA Omniverse, an analog platform that has been brewing for nearly five years, which can run a very realistic virtual world and connect to other digital platforms. We imagine that engineers, designers and even automatic machines can connect to Omniverse to create digital twins and industrial virtual worlds. ”

NVIDIA entered this market very early, which is very important because the company has been working on the ray tracing technology used in RTX Turing GPU for ten years. RTX platform was invented by NVIDIA to “physically simulate the light behavior in the world” and combine the RT kernel of ray tracing with the tensor kernel of AI. This promoted NVIDIA’s professional visualization business revenue, with a year-on-year increase of 156% and a month on month increase of 40%.
NVIDIA also invented the ability to simulate physics in the cloud and create a cloud architecture to build a “connector”, which promoted the development of universal scene description (USD) technology, which is a gateway to the virtual world. These virtual worlds are then used to train robots or create concerts and theme parks.
NVIDIA’s slides at this year’s GPU technology conference were made on the company’s own Omniverse platform to make the presentation more interactive. The main highlights of GTC 2021 are Huang Renxun himself, who is perfectly virtual copied, and the kitchen that can be fake and real. The details given in the making of the GTC keynote video highlight the results of the joint efforts of NVIDIA’s in-depth learning and graphics research team, engineering team and internal creative team.
In order to create a virtual keynote speech, these teams must take a large number of photos of the kitchen and Huang Renxun to create a 3D model that can imitate his gestures. The keynote speech triggered a debate about which parts were rendered and which parts were real. Some media even claimed that the whole presentation was not true. However, NVIDIA pointed out: “although part of Huang Renxun’s physical form was rendered in the keynote speech, it was he who spoke in the speech.”
NVIDIA’s post on GTC 2021 demonstration also clarified the whole issue. To be sure, if there were no flesh and blood people in the center, there would be no such realistic keynote speech. In the 1 hour and 48 minute speech, except for 14 seconds, Huang Renxun himself delivered the speech at other times.
How to use the meta universe?
NVIDIA Omniverse enterprise makes it possible for 3D production teams to work seamlessly on complex projects. Design teams can work together anytime, anywhere in the virtual world without face-to-face meetings or exchanging and iterating on a large number of files.
NVIDIA is using the company’s Omniverse platform to work with a number of industry leaders in real time. Omniverse enterprise software is still in its early stage of use, and NVIDIA’s partners, including Dell, HP and others, may adopt the software later this year. More than 500 companies are evaluating Omniverse enterprise, including BMW, Volvo, Lockheed Martin, Ericsson, and Bentley systems, a software development company.
NVIDIA pointed out on the earnings conference call that a “future factory” was developed on the Omniverse platform, and BMW and other companies are using RTX and USD to simulate the factory. The company explained: “we have a shared GTC future factory, which is completely designed on Omniverse. The robot exchanges goods and materials with Omniverse and puts the original CAD data into the battery. Logistics planning is like ERP system. In addition to the physical grid and ERP system simulated by Omniverse world, you can also plan the whole plant in Omniverse. ”
This will help BMW speed up decision-making and improve efficiency. The new method will help to view the entire plant in simulation mode and provide photo realistic details. Another benefit is that the data can be obtained immediately and any changes can be made in the planning stage itself, which saves more time and money.
Bentley systems is an infrastructure engineering software company that builds complex infrastructure projects. Its Bentley itwin platform allows engineering companies to create and analyze digital twins of infrastructure assets. The result is to provide millimeter precision digital content and even allow users to explore and even browse the infrastructure in real time. This digital twin technology is explored through a variety of devices, including AR / VR helmets. Foster + partners, the architectural design and engineering company that built Apple’s headquarters, is also testing Omniverse to help them render virtual scenes in real time.
Competition in the meta universe
Huang Renxun once said on the NVIDIA earnings conference call: “now, I can say with considerable certainty that Omniverse or metauniverse will become a new economy larger than our current economic scale.” If this is true, many companies will become winners in this field. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “I expect people will no longer see us primarily as a social media company, but as a metauniverse company.”
However, many people believe that Facebook has too many privacy problems and, frankly, its reputation is not good enough to gain too much attraction in new markets. We have seen that the company has tried many times to enter the fields of stable currency, dating, Facebook gifts, parse and so on, but they all ended in failure. Not to mention the data abuse scandal of Cambridge analytics, whose success outside social networks is achieved through acquisitions. But in any case, the company is likely to get the kind of headlines investors tend to rely on.
Unity, Epic Games and roblox can be said to have the best users because their metacosmic vision is aimed at gamers. The trick is to recruit non game audiences to create a new market larger than the current market monetized through games.

Roundhill investments, a well-known investment company in the industry, recently released the exchange traded fund Roundhill ball metaverse ETF, which allows investors to invest in companies interested in building a metauniverse. At present, NVIDIA is the largest shareholder of the fund, followed by Microsoft, roblox, Tencent, unity and Autodesk.
If, as Huang Renxun predicted, the virtual economy in the meta universe exceeds the scale of the real world economy, then one day we may review Huang Renxun’s keynote speech in a fully rendered kitchen and commemorate this moment as Steve Jobs released his first iPhone speech in 2007.
However, the charm of companies like NVIDIA is that we can see the real benefits without spending too much energy on building a metauniverse. Even if the metauniverse vision takes longer than expected, we are still optimistic about this company because its artificial intelligence and GPU cloud computing capabilities are driving the development of many industries. In fact, many people are very optimistic about NVIDIA’s performance in artificial intelligence and believe that the company can even surpass appleļ¼ˆ Tencent Technology (reviser / Jinlu)