Yueke releases the first electronic cigarette empty bomb recovery plan


On September 2, relx Yueke launched the empty bomb recovery plan at the press conference, which is also the first empty bomb recovery plan released by domestic e-cigarette brands.
Guo Guangdong, head of Yueke compliance and public communication, introduced that the plan will cooperate with China Siyuan engineering poverty alleviation foundation to recover empty bombs for cement production. The iron resource in the empty bomb can be used to increase the firmness of cement. The recycled cement will be used for Rural Revitalization and the construction of rural toilets and roads.
In terms of recycling methods, Yueke plans to arrange recycling barrels in stores, and users can put Yueke electronic cigarettes or empty electronic cigarettes of other brands on their own. The first batch will put about 6000 recycling barrels in Beijing and ten cities across the country.