Huawei announced 5g industrial Internet ecological construction measures: preparing to build two centers, which will be officially released within the year


On September 1, 2021 world 5g conference and 5g and industrial Internet high-end forum were held. Ma Haixu, vice president of Huawei and President of Huawei ICT product portfolio management and solutions department, said that Huawei proposed two ecological construction measures for the 5g industrial Internet industrial chain.
First, Huawei plans to build a testing and certification center composed of seven open laboratories and deploy an automated testing platform. At present, it has completed certification for 33 types of terminals and more than 40 industrial applications, and will be fully open to ecological partners in the future; Secondly, Huawei will cooperate with industry organizations, operators and leading enterprises to establish an integration verification center to improve delivery efficiency through solution pre integration. At present, the two centers are under construction and will be officially released within the year.