The 99 public welfare day was officially launched in 2021 to cultivate sustainable public welfare and help common prosperity


The annual 99 public welfare day of Tencent technology will be officially launched on September 1. On the occasion of the seventh year, 99 public welfare day will be comprehensively upgraded in four aspects: donation allocation mechanism, product system, enterprise linkage and public welfare infrastructure, focusing on common prosperity.
Tencent Charitable Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “Tencent foundation”) will invest 5 billion yuan for 99 public welfare day and subsequent incentive fund support, public welfare digital construction and front-line public welfare assistance, so as to help the sustainable and healthy development of China’s public welfare undertakings and provide a powerful public welfare technology platform and digital capability service guarantee for the “third distribution”.
At the launching ceremony on the morning of August 30, Guo Kaitian, senior vice president of Tencent and chairman of Tencent foundation, said: “Tencent is rooted in China, thanks to the times and investing in the cause of common prosperity. Tencent Foundation hopes to cooperate with brother public welfare organizations to jointly build projects and provide inclusive public welfare and charitable services. ”
1 billion public welfare total incentive fund to promote the long-term flow of kindness
Guo Kaitian revealed that in order to promote the sustainable development of public welfare with more partners, this year’s 99 public welfare day will upgrade a series of interactive playing methods and resource investment, and turn the intensive action within 10 days into a long stream of 365 days.
Guo Kaitian, senior vice president of Tencent and chairman of Tencent Charity Foundation
The first significant change is that this year’s 99 public welfare day will increase from three days in previous years to ten days (from September 1 to September 10), and be subdivided into Theme Day (1 to 6), action day (7 to 9) and Thanksgiving Day (10).
Among them, the theme day will focus on six themes: youth growth, rural education, life assistance, science and technology to help the elderly, common prosperity and carbon neutrality, and mobilize Tencent’s full line of business capabilities to participate. It is worth mentioning that the theme of China Charity Day on September 5 is “common prosperity”, which will guide users to pay attention to public welfare projects in special areas and special groups under this theme through linkage with Tencent News.
The second change is the doubling of project support funds, from 400 million yuan to 1 billion yuan, and pay more attention to the support for the long-term operation of public welfare projects.
Of the total incentive fund of 1 billion yuan, about 60% will be used to support the fund-raising of projects during the public welfare day of 99, and about 40% will be used to provide financial and technical support for well managed projects after 99 to enhance the long-term operation capacity of these projects.
4 billion investment in public welfare infrastructure to help upgrade the third distribution technology
On the basis of 99 public welfare day and subsequent investment, Tencent foundation will also invest 4 billion yuan in public welfare digital investment and front-line public welfare assistance this year, so that the goodwill support of 99 public welfare day can be extended to the whole year.
Chen Juhong, vice president of Tencent and head of Tencent sustainable social value business department, revealed that Tencent foundation will invest 3 billion yuan to provide comprehensive support in the fields of medical treatment and education for low-income groups and underdeveloped areas together with governments and charitable organizations at all levels.
Chen Juhong, vice president of Tencent and head of Tencent sustainable social value business department
In addition to direct financial assistance, Tencent commonweal will also provide platform support to help these projects connect more social resources.
Meanwhile, Tencent foundation will also invest 1 billion yuan to help the digital construction of public welfare industry and the cultivation and development of charitable organizations, and help the public welfare industry better participate in the third distribution.
In addition to financial support, Tencent will continue to open its own products and technical capabilities, provide a “digital toolbox” for public welfare organizations, improve core capabilities such as project operation, fund management, transparent disclosure, public mobilization and social innovation, and help public welfare partners perform the functions of the third distribution from a technical perspective.
“Supporting real, reliable and effective public welfare behavior in terms of capital and technology is the starting point for us to practice the good in public welfare.” Chen Juhong hopes that this year’s “99 public welfare day” will serve as the starting point for upgrading, and can work with public welfare partners to use the charity power of society to make more and more equitable development achievements benefit the whole people.
The playing method of little safflower is upgraded, and Tencent’s whole product ecological connection is involved
Let more people participate in public welfare has always been the original intention of 99 public welfare day. Last year, the first public welfare behavior “little safflower play” was sought after by netizens. This year, the playing method of little safflower has been upgraded again. It has launched innovative products such as little safflower account and daily benefit answer, and integrated little safflower into more product ecology, covering more loving users and enterprises.
It is revealed that caring netizens can get little safflower by donating no less than one yuan, no less than 10000 steps, or participating in public welfare answers on Tencent public welfare platform every day. The accumulated little safflower will be used as a “public welfare equivalent”, which can not only help friends allocate donations, but also exchange public welfare awards in love shops and opportunities to participate in public welfare projects on the spot.
In addition, xiaohonghua will also connect more than 20 Tencent business and product ecosystems, including wechat payment, QQ, Tencent video, highlights, QQ music and other product ecosystems. By donating reading time, meeting time, public welfare Q & A and other ways, ordinary users can do good deeds and obtain xiaohonghua in their daily work and life scenes.
Tencent public welfare also launched “love coupons” with more than 100 retail enterprises in conjunction with smart retail, Tencent game life and other platforms, which can be obtained by donation. Love coupons fully cover catering, retail, wine travel, travel, etc. all cotton era, nature hall, Wal Mart, Tianhong, mingchuang premium products, McDonald’s, Naixue tea, China Resources Vanguard, convenience bee, coco, TIMS coffee, Chow Tai Fook and sankeshu will participate.
500 million public welfare communication incentives in five years to build the communication power of good brand
Every good thing can become a “good story” with goodwill, so as to drive more people to do good things together, participate in public welfare and supervise public welfare.
At the launching ceremony this year, Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent group, CEO of reading group and CEO of Tencent film, announced the establishment of a special public welfare communication incentive fund of “500 million in five years”, to encourage the media and we media from all walks of life to participate in public welfare communication, pay attention to the progress of public welfare undertakings and supervise the implementation of public welfare projects.
Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent group, CEO of Yuewen group and CEO of Tencent film

Based on many touching stories on Tencent’s public welfare platform, version 2.0 of “echo plan” was launched on 99 public welfare day to visit typical cases and push good story videos to donors with the help of the platform“ “Xiaohua alliance” focuses more on the story behind the girls’ protection projects, links with young female artists, and calls for attention to the healthy growth of girls.
In order to impress more people with good deeds, this year’s 99 public welfare day will also comprehensively upgrade the “public welfare we media partner plan”, help more we media and public welfare institutions “hand in hand”, and encourage media people to be witnesses, gatekeepers and peers of Internet public welfare.
In addition to excavating the story itself, 99 public welfare day continues to rely on the communication potential of brand and IP this year“ Brand IP Lianmeng “will usher in new partners and form a diversified public welfare community across multiple industries such as Internet, culture and Expo, FMCG and 3C.
Tencent QQ, WeChat bubble dog, King glory Kwai Chi, QQ music Penguin & Tencent, goose Tony, full time master ye ye Xiu, all the people Koran son, and Dunhuang nine deer deer, and across all walks of life Oreo, Haier brothers, black toothpaste, fast hand six, Xiao Ming students to form a stronger lineup. The Central National Orchestra and Henan Museum will also participate in the 99 public welfare day in the form of chorus, ancient musical instrument performance and other cultural and artistic forms, calling on us to do good deeds together.
Tencent games gathered nearly 20 games and E-sports events, called on players to carry out public welfare assistance and public science popularization in various forms, provided support for public welfare projects such as the repair of cultural relics in Henan after the disaster, the digital protection of the Great Wall, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and Yungang Grottoes, let more people pay attention to the repair, digital protection and interpretation of cultural relics and national treasures, and help protect and promote excellent traditional culture Inheritance and promotion.
Moving stories and fresh ideas are the best call for the new generation of public welfare. Cheng Wu said, “Tencent hopes to use ten, twenty or even longer years to help the society cultivate the soil of modern public welfare concept, so that this soil can nourish young people with fraternity, enthusiasm and charity.”
Position the new role of public welfare in the times and explore a new path under common prosperity
Today, public welfare is no longer a simple “donation for emergency”, but an important link in the field of improving social equity. Therefore, this year’s 99 public welfare day strives with public welfare partners, constantly walks with social development, and looks for new possibilities for the social value of public welfare.
“If the primary distribution focuses on efficiency and the redistribution focuses on fairness, the third distribution reflects the beauty of society.” Guo Kaitian said, “Tencent will open its product and technical capabilities, provide a ‘digital toolbox’ for tens of thousands of domestic public welfare institutions and social organizations, give play to the ability and efficiency of the third distribution function, and contribute digital power and platform power to common prosperity”.
This is also the continuous evolution of Tencent in public welfare thinking. Just this year, in response to the needs of the state and society, Tencent invested 50 billion to establish a sustainable social value division and another 50 billion to launch a special plan for common prosperity. More than that, covid-19 is also relying on technology and product capabilities to participate in new social events such as the new crown, rainstorm and carbon neutrality, as well as the development of people’s livelihood.
“Promoting public welfare and common prosperity is the common mission of this era, and it is also the beauty and goodness we pursue together.” Guo Kaitian said. Focusing on the common problems of people’s livelihood development and participating in the third distribution with technical force and sustainable mode will become a new direction for the evolution of 99 public welfare day and even public welfare industry.