Shengqu game responded to the notice of the national press and Publication Administration on the prevention of addiction of minors’ online games: the anti addiction system will continue to be upgraded


Recently, the State Press and Publication Administration issued the notice on further strict management and effectively preventing minors from indulging in online games. The notice requires all online game enterprises to strictly limit the time for providing online game services to minors, and strictly implement the real name registration and login requirements of online game user accounts. At the same time, the notice also requires publishing management departments at all levels to supervise the implementation of the measures, and seriously deal with online game enterprises that have not been strictly implemented in accordance with the law and regulations.
Shengqu game responded that it will continue to upgrade and improve its online game addiction prevention mechanism, and implement the work of minors’ online game addiction prevention. In the future, Shengqu game will continue to upgrade the anti addiction system, and actively explore the use of AI, machine learning technology and biometric technology to implement “human ID correspondence” and prevent users from fabricating identity information to pass verification.