President of Xiaomi responded to the progress of car manufacturing: the landing location is a complex problem


At Xiaomi’s second quarter earnings media conference on August 25, Wang Xiang, President of Xiaomi group, talked about the landing of Xiaomi’s car. Wang Xiang said that Xiaomi has carefully evaluated and investigated the landing location of Xiaomi’s car for a long time in the past, which is a very complex problem“ I think we will report our final results to you in due course.
At the second quarter earnings conference, Xiaomi announced the acquisition of all shares of Shendong technology, an automatic driving enterprise, with a transaction consideration of US $77.37 million. This is Xiaomi’s fifth autonomous driving investment five months after starting the car building plan. Previously, Xiaomi invested in four autonomous driving companies: Zongmu technology, Hesai technology, geometric partner and love parking. Wang Xiang said that automatic driving is the most important technology of intelligent electric vehicles, and Shendong technology focuses on intelligent driving software. Xiaomi hopes to shorten the listing time of automatic driving technology through acquisition.
Wang Xiang also said that after starting the car building plan, Xiaomi is recruiting talents from the automobile industry. “We have received more than 20000 resumes and recruited more than 500 automatic driving talents in the first batch.”.