The blue origin Jarvis plan picture exposure test tank has been sent to the launch pad


Jarvis plans to send the first test tank to launch pad 36 on Tuesday
Tencent technology news on August 25, local time on Tuesday, the space company Blue origin moved the first stainless steel test tank to launch pad 36 using a modular transportation tool in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It is reported that the fuel tank is part of the so-called “project Jarvis” of blue origin, which aims to develop a fully reusable upper stage for the new Glen rocket of blue origin.
The photo of the stainless steel test tank is also the first exposure of the blue origin Jarvis plan. A source from blue origin said that as soon as next month, the fuel tank will start a series of tests to determine the strength and capacity of its pressure bearing propellant.
Although blue origin has not publicly discussed the Jarvis plan, sources said that the main goal of the Jarvis plan is to reduce the overall launch cost of the new Glen rocket. It is reported that the upper stage of the new Glenn rocket is 7 meters in diameter and is equipped with two be-3u engines, which is very expensive. If blue origin wants to compete with SpaceX’s starship launch system, it must make the new Glen rocket fully reusable.
The development and testing of fuel storage tanks is part of Jarvis’s plan, and the other part is the design finalization of the upper stage of the new Glen rocket. Both projects operate within the Senior Development Project Department of blue origin, and progress has been made.
Blue origin used launch pad 36 in Florida
Jarvis’s tank project is to rapidly develop an iterative fuel tank prototype to withstand multiple launches and reentries. Blue origin engineers are studying the use of stainless steel to build fuel tanks, just as SpaceX chooses stainless steel to build super heavy boosters and starships. Stainless steel is cheaper. It can withstand the high temperature brought by atmospheric friction when the spacecraft re enters the atmosphere, but it is about five times heavier than composite materials.
In order to act quickly and imitate the iterative design concept of SpaceX, Jeff Bezos, the founder of blue origin, authorized the engineers in charge of the Jarvis program to innovate more flexibly without being restricted by strict management and written procedures. This has led to rapid progress in the research and development of the test tank, which was moved to launch pad 36 on Tuesday.
At the same time, another team has been studying three different upper level reentry designs, the source said. One way is to install a large flap on the upper stage so that it looks and functions more like a space shuttle. After the upper stage is separated from the first stage booster, the payload is sent to the designated track and then returned to the runway.
Bezos has expressed doubts about flaps in the past“ Some people like flaps, “he said during a visit to the factory in 2016“ Some people like parachutes. None of this is a bad thing. The reason why I like vertical landing is that it has good scalability. Flap designs can also be extended to a certain extent, but they will be heavy. ”
The second method is to use a linear gas tip rocket engine. The conical appearance of the engine can also act as a heat shield for the upper stage when re entering the earth’s atmosphere. This approach may require designing and building a new engine, which is expensive and time-consuming.
The last method is similar to SpaceX starship, which combines flap and thrust engine to achieve vertical landing. Blue origin is expected to finalize the final design by the end of this year.
Regardless of the final design, the fuel tanks in the three designs will be cylindrical, so that the Jarvis program team can continue to advance the tank development plan without determining the final design. The source said that the construction speed of the test tank is much faster than other projects of blue origin, which may verify whether Bezos’s rapid iterative development test is effective.
The motto of the origin of blue is “step by step, move forward bravely”. A source said, “what Jeff wants to emphasize in our motto now is to move forward.”( (compiled by Tencent technology / Jiao Han)