Uncover the wild prospect of Samsung’s foldable mobile phone: create a new flagship product to replace note as the king of tablet phones


1. Samsung Galaxy brand smartphones have two flagship models, Galaxy note and Galaxy S series, but Samsung announced that it will not launch note update this year.
2. Samsung did not explain the reason, but it launched two foldable smartphones at its recent launch. Perhaps it is trying to replace note’s tablet phone king.
3. Samsung has carried out several iterations on the foldable mobile phone. Although its sales volume is still unable to compare with the flagship model, it indicates that the prospect is quite bright.
4. The first step towards the mainstream of foldable devices will be to reduce the price. Although the price of Galaxy fold 3 is still high, it has a price reduction trend.
Tencent technology news on August 23, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Company is not fully ready to announce the death penalty of Galaxy note, known as the “king of tablet phones”, and it is obviously not the time.
After the recent product launch, when the reporter asked the company this question again, its spokesman said: “Samsung is constantly evaluating its product lineup to ensure that it meets the needs of consumers and introduces technologies to enhance users’ mobile experience. We will not release the new Galaxy note in 2021. On the contrary, Samsung plans to continue to expand the note experience and bring many of its popular note functions to the galaxy ecosystem through products such as Galaxy S21 ultra, including tablets and laptops. When we are ready, we will share more details about the future product portfolio. ”
To be exact, this is not a satisfactory answer, but reiterates the previous statement that no new Galaxy note will be released in 2021. When asked whether this was caused by the shortage of chips, Samsung again gave a vague reply: “at present, the volatility of the semiconductor market can be felt in the whole technology industry and even other fields. At Samsung, we are doing our best to mitigate the impact and will continue to strengthen our efforts with our partners to overcome supply challenges. ”
It is too early to conclude that Samsung Galaxy fold 3 is the successor to note’s decade long “tablet throne”. However, it is certain that the new features introduced by Galaxy S series and the launch of the company’s high-end foldable smartphone make this device a little redundant. At the same time, it seems that Samsung still adopts a wait-and-see attitude to see if the galaxy fold 3 will really replace note into the mainstream.
Foldable technology is still experimental
Samsung wisely positioned its early foldable mobile phone project as an exciting experiment. It is not easy to take the lead in putting a new technology on the market, especially considering Samsung’s tendency to trade in the old for the new. The original foldable phone had many problems, including reliability and adoption. However, Samsung has iterated on this device several times, and sold 1 million units when it was launched in 2019, which is a surprising and impressive figure. Although this cannot be compared with the sales of Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series, it is undoubtedly a positive sign for an unverified device with a price of up to $2000 a few months after its release, indicating that it will have a bright future.
On the galaxy fold 2, Samsung has solved the problems of many early generation foldable devices, making it a more powerful and comprehensive device. In any case, the galaxy fold 3 did not deviate much from the original design, but made continuous major updates and improvements, including the addition of stylus s-pen support, ipx8 waterproof, larger external display, off screen camera, and enhanced internal screen protector, frame and front glass.
So what does all this add up to? For Samsung, the answer is very simple, that is, a new flagship product. Samsung previously had two flagship products, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note Series. Whether fold will be the technical turning point of note or the launch of the third flagship product of Galaxy series depends on the progress of foldable technology. However, this does show Samsung’s confidence that this is a critical moment for high-end foldable products to become the mainstream.
The first step for foldable devices to become mainstream products will be to reduce prices. In any case, the galaxy fold 3 is still not an affordable device, priced at $1800, or even higher than the first two flagship phones combined. However, compared with the previous generation, the price reduction of $200 marks a considerable step in the right direction. People can imagine that as Samsung can further expand the scale of this technology, the cost will continue to decline. Those looking for “affordable” foldable devices should take a closer look at the new flip, which is actually below $1000.
Launching any new shape specification will inevitably encounter problems, even Samsung, which adopts its own proprietary technology. Before the galaxy fold 3 was widely released, there were enough problems to indicate that it needed to be improved. There are two main solutions: first, the protective film of this mobile phone looks very similar to the removable screen saver attached to Samsung and other mobile phones. Therefore, Samsung extends the protective film to the edge; Second, a brush is added inside the hinge structure. Although debris may still enter, it will be swept away during the opening of the product, which will be removed before it damages the screen.
After the second upgrade to more durable foldable glass, the new version further extends these protection measures. It is worth noting that it is the first foldable device that will not list a series of restrictions when opening the box. That’s a good sign. Generally speaking, users may want foldable phones to “work normally” like ordinary phones.

The most notable new feature in terms of durability is the ipx8 rating, including placing in a water depth of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes. Samsung’s foldable mobile phone is a little slow in popularizing waterproof function. After all, this function has almost become the standard of high-end mobile phones. But this is understandable given the complex mechanisms required for Galaxy fold 3. However, the “X” in the rating indicates that it has no dust prevention function, for the simple reason that the hinge actually allows dust particles to enter the interior.
The front and back of Samsung’s foldable mobile phone are now covered with gorilla glass victus, which is the latest product of Corning. According to Corning: “in our laboratory tests, victus will not break after falling from a hard and rough surface 2 meters high. In contrast, competitive aluminosilicate glass from other manufacturers usually breaks when falling from a height of 0.8m. In addition, victus has 4 times better scratch resistance than other materials. ” Meanwhile, the phone’s body and hinges are made of an alloy called “armor aluminum” by Samsung, which the company claims to be “the strongest aluminum used in modern smartphones”.
The introduction of s pen function is a great progress
Perhaps most importantly, Samsung’s mobile phone includes a stronger screen saver that can be further extended to both sides, which makes it more difficult and less attractive to try to peel it off. Additional protection is necessary for standard use and opens the door to the introduction of s pen function. Samsung now has three product lines that support stylus and various functions.
In addition to the s pen pro, Samsung also launched a special stylus for fold. The $50 stylus is small, retractable and designed to reduce screen pressure. However, there seems to be no significant difference between s pen pro and fold special stylus. Although Samsung did not explicitly warn against using Pro, out of enough caution, most people should choose fold special edition.
“Only the latest s pen fold version and s pen Pro are compatible because their frequency settings are different from the standard s pens,” Samsung said in a statement. However, s pen Pro is compatible with other devices that support s pen, such as Samsung Galaxy tablet, chromebook and smartphone. The user can switch the frequency of the s pen Pro using the switch at the top. ”
The 7.6-inch “canvas” gives full play to the function of s pen. Of course, similar to other foldable devices, the fold center still has obvious creases. Compared with note, this takes some time to adapt. But if you’re a stylus enthusiast, its features fit well with more and more productivity tools, such as multiple active windows and application split views. Samsung has built quite a number of productivity tools here.
Of course, unlike note, fold does not have a built-in s pen slot. It seems that there may be some structural integrity problems that cannot be included. Or when folded, the stylus may add more thickness to an already thin device. Samsung does provide s pen case for those who seriously want to carry the stylus with them, otherwise they will worry about losing it.
Screen size and refresh rate upgrade
Since last year, the main display of Samsung’s foldable mobile phone has not changed much. It is still 7.6 inches, the refresh rate is 120 Hz, the resolution is 2208 x 1768, and supports hdr10 +. The 6.2-inch front screen does not have a high dynamic range format, but it has been adjusted from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. Fold 2 upgraded its external screen size last year, which made a big difference. Aspect ratio still depends on it in most cases, but app continuity is a good feature that allows people to jump seamlessly between enabled application screens.
On the front of the screen, the pinhole camera disappeared from the main screen and was replaced by the off-screen camera, which is the first of its kind used on Samsung devices. This technology has long been regarded as a “key project” by the company, but Samsung is not the first company to provide this function. Companies such as oppo and ZTE have launched this function for a long time. Fold uses a similar technique, using thin pixels above the punch. This spot is still visible, especially when there is a white image on the screen, but it is no longer prominent.
However, so far, the image performance of these cameras is not ideal, and Samsung has suffered the same fate. The images taken by the off-screen camera are haze or more blurred, which obviously does not meet our expected standard for high-end smartphones in 2021. In earlier conversations, Samsung was quite frank about this issue, which is why fold became its first mobile phone equipped with off-screen camera technology. Because the company is equipped with additional self timer front cameras, frankly, it does not rely on below average cameras. However, with the progress of underlying technology, Samsung can improve it in future updates.
At the same time, the main camera system has basically not changed, but it is still a very good specification. It can take quite excellent photos. Another additional advantage is that it can switch between 7.6-inch and 6.2-inch viewfinders.
Battery life may be affected, from 4500mAh to 4400mAh, which is divided equally between the two modules behind the display screen. This is a step in the wrong direction, even if only a small step, because such large devices tend to consume more power. Of course, fold uses the latest Xiaolong 888 processor, plus Samsung’s 12 GB running memory and 256 GB storage. Its storage capacity has doubled and the price has reached $1900.

It’s impressive to see Samsung transform its troubled early foldable technology into a more stable technology between two iterations. However, although the company is ready to push its foldable phones into the mainstream, it is difficult to get rid of the feeling that it still has a long way to go to achieve its expected goals. Samsung’s price strategy is moving in the right direction, but for most people, its products are still prohibitively expensive( Tencent Technology (reviser / Jinlu)