The suspect of “Ali female employee infringement case” was placed under surveillance at the designated residence


On August 21, the surging News reported that Zheng Xiaojing, the lawyer of Wang mouwen, the party suspected of indecency in the “Alibaba female employee infringement case”, said that at present, the criminal coercive means taken by Jinan police against Wang mouwen is residential surveillance at the designated residence. On August 19, the lawyer met with Wang through a remote video, but it was inconvenient for the lawyer to disclose the content of the meeting.
“In short, there are several maximum periods from detention to making a decision to approve arrest, one is 10 days, one is 14 days, and the other is 37 days.” Lawyer Zheng Xiaojing said. It is reported that Wang mouwen was criminally detained on August 10 and placed under surveillance at his designated residence on August 11. At present, the lawyer has submitted an application for “no arrest” to the prosecution.
The criminal procedure law stipulates that if the people’s Procuratorate does not approve the arrest, the public security organ shall release it immediately after receiving the notice, and notify the people’s Procuratorate of the implementation in time. Those who need to continue investigation and meet the conditions for obtaining a guarantor pending trial or residential surveillance shall obtain a guarantor pending trial or residential surveillance according to law.