Vivo issues anti sexual harassment regulations in the workplace: no form of sexual harassment is tolerated


Vivo issued a letter to all staff this afternoon, officially announcing the anti sexual harassment regulations in the workplace. The regulations are applicable to all personnel of the company, including interns, personnel in the application process and third-party personnel (outsourcing, dispatch, suppliers and dealers). The Ordinance clearly states that sexual harassment is a serious violation of legal provisions and basic professional ethics, and the company will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment.
Vivo will also set up an anti sexual harassment working group to deal with it in accordance with the four principles of privacy protection, fairness and preciseness, timely handling and transparent procedures. After receiving the complaint, the company will form a complaint handling working group within 12 hours to strictly control the information within the minimum necessary range and protect the privacy of both parties. Arrange personnel of the same sex to receive the investigation and take care of the feelings of the parties. The working group communicates with the parties to show the company’s attitude and clarify the handling procedures.
The punishment methods are divided into three levels: suspected illegal, serious and minor. Among them, if the evidence is clear and the facts are clear and suspected of violating the provisions of the criminal law or the law on public security management punishment, the company will transfer the case to the public security organ for handling after consulting the complainant’s opinions.