U.S. customers suffered delivery delays for several months, angrily criticized Tesla for lying and threatening to unsubscribe for many times


Model s sedan displayed at the La door store in Palo Altos, California, USA
Tencent technology news on August 19, many Tesla customers in Florida and California experienced delivery delays for weeks or months, forcing them to rely on borrowed cars, expensive rental and car Hailing applications while experiencing unexpected waiting.
According to several interviewed customers, Tesla acknowledged the delay in the delivery of model s earlier this year, but the problem has spread to the crossover vehicle model y, which is also the most popular electric vehicle in North America.
The continued delay is a clear sign that Tesla is still trying to deal with what its CEO Elon Musk calls “delivery logistics hell”. The company delivered more than 201250 vehicles in the second quarter of this year, setting a new quarterly record, with a year-on-year increase of 144%. However, the shortage of parts supply may also be one of the reasons for the delay.
Tesla’s sales personnel in California said that the sales and delivery personnel are doing their best to answer the questions raised by customers, but there is not enough information from their superiors or Tesla factory in Fremont, California to help them answer these questions accurately.
The employee also said that a colleague from another state resigned after the manager threatened to fire him last quarter because he sent an email to musk himself and other managers seeking information about the delay of model s, thus “breaking the chain of command”. After that, many salespeople hesitated to seek further information on behalf of their customers.
The person familiar with the matter said that usually, sales and delivery personnel are aware that Tesla’s factory in Fremont faces the challenges of shortage of parts and the adoption of new machinery. Tesla executives also discussed these issues in the previous earnings conference call.
On May 31 this year, Tesla customer Steve Salem ordered a long-life all wheel drive model y with high-quality interior and silver metallic paint. He tested the car outside New York City and later placed an order online. Tesla promised that he would go to Los Angeles to pick up the car soon.
According to the records and communications shared by Salem, Tesla’s website initially promised that model y should be delivered within about 4 to 8 weeks, which means that his estimated delivery window will be around July 26. After placing an online order and paying a $100 non refundable deposit, Tesla website showed Salem a new estimated delivery window, showing that August 10 is the latest possible delivery date.
However, the delivery date on the Salem Tesla account continues to be extended. He said that he did not receive an apology from the salesperson or even an email notification of each change in the delivery date. The delivery date range was once moved to October and then back to late August. As of Monday, the estimated delivery date is between September 4 and September 24.
Three other customers waiting for model y and model s vehicles also confirmed that they had to constantly check their accounts to find changes in the expected delivery date. Although Salem has not given up ordering Tesla, he does not rule out the possibility of unsubscribing. “I’m lucky I don’t need a car urgently,” he said. But I do want to drive this car. ”
Tesla cars were delivered to stores in Brooklyn, New York
Salem has arranged financing through a third-party lender and expects no difficulty in obtaining another loan. But the delay in delivery may affect his loan interest rate, and he also needs to get a new insurance quotation. “It’s a problem,” he said. To some extent, would you be angry about it and try to buy something else? This is frustrating, not only the delay, but also the complete lack of communication. ”
Salem said that if Tesla could not determine the delivery date, he might order Ford mach-e or reuse high-performance internal combustion engine vehicles. Model y will be his first electric car.
Another owner in Southern California ordered a long-range four-wheel drive model y on Tesla’s website and received an email confirmation on June 6. Her experience is roughly the same as Salem’s. Records show that the initial estimated delivery window was between August 4 and August 24 in Burbank, California. However, the delivery date was repeatedly postponed, and Tesla never took the initiative to contact her with these changes.
When she saw a change in the delivery date on the Tesla account on the Internet, she sent a text message to a salesperson asking whether the delivery date would continue to be postponed. The employee did not disclose details, but assured her that they would pay close attention to the black model y that might be delivered in the region soon.
In a text message to the salesperson, the customer asked if there were problems in the manufacturing process. The employee replied in early August that Tesla had manufacturing delays due to a shortage of chips, and said that many other auto companies were dealing with the same problem.
As previously reported, the shortage of chips recently led to the delay in the production and delivery of Ford mach-e crossover vehicles, as well as the delay in the production and delivery of rivian’s first RIT electric pickup and R1 SUV.
The customer now hopes to receive her Tesla sometime between September 8 and September 29. She said she spent more on renting and carpooling than she and her fiance had budgeted for renting and buying model y from Tesla. She is willing to wait for Tesla to deliver, but hopes the company can give her an explanation.
Finally, two customers who have been waiting for Tesla’s high-end model s luxury car say they have been waiting for months.
Rock musician David Crosby tweeted angry about Tesla’s delivery delay
An engineer working in the field of renewable energy ordered model s play in January and planned to pick up the goods in Meyers, Florida. He wondered if the company would allow people to jump the queue if they had special fan accounts on social media.

Although he has been waiting for several months, he said he would never give up his dream Tesla. He was attracted by the design, performance and charm of model s playd, which will add new features or improve old features through “in the air software” update.
According to previous reports, Barry stapler, founder of rare coins and precious metals wholesale, ordered model s play for the first time in January. On August 10, he confirmed that Tesla had postponed the delivery date to the end of the third quarter, that is, between September 21 and September 30.
Last week, stapler went to a Mercedes dealer to configure and order an all electric Mercedes 450 EQS without a deposit. The salesperson there said he would get the quotation and vehicle identification number by late September and pick up the goods in November. Stapler said he would cancel the order for model s play if Mercedes arrived earlier than Tesla and the price was not higher than his expectations.
Even celebrities are not immune to delivery delays. On Tuesday, rock musician David Crosby tweeted that Tesla he ordered seven months ago had still not been delivered, and claimed that Tesla “lied four times about when I could get it.”
Tesla and Troy Jones, the company’s vice president for sales, service and delivery in North America, did not immediately respond to requests for further information´╝ł Tencent Technology (reviser / Jinlu)