Blue origin is scheduled to fly in space on August 25, with only 18 payloads


The new Shepard suborbital spacecraft of blue origin was launched in December 2019 for unmanned mission. The next flight plan is scheduled for August 25, 2021
Tencent technology news on August 19, US local time on Wednesday, blue origin announced that its new Shepard suborbital spacecraft will conduct its next space flight on August 25.
The flight plan code named ns-17, the new Shepard will take off from the launch facility in western Texas at 9:35 a.m. Eastern time on the 25th. This is the first space flight of the new Shepard since July 20, when four people including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will be sent to the edge of space.
This launch will also be the 17th overall flight of the new Shepard spacecraft, but unlike the last manned flight, this mission will not carry any crew, but will carry 18 commercial payloads in the capsule, including 11 from NASA and tens of thousands of postcards, They were submitted by children through the future club, a non-profit organization of blue origin.
In addition, the exterior of the capsule will carry NASA’s demonstration experiments of derailment, descent and landing sensors, a set of technologies designed to help spacecraft land more accurately on the moon and other celestial bodies. This will be the second flight of these sensor kits with a spacecraft of blue origin. The module will carry the new Shepard into suborbital space for the first time in October 2020.
At the same time, the ns-17 mission will also introduce an art project for the first time, carrying the “suborbital tryptych” by Ghanaian artist amoako boafo. The representative of blue origin wrote in the mission description of ns-17 that this work includes three portraits “painted on the top of the passenger compartment on the main parachute canopy”.
These portraits depict boafo himself, his mother and the mother of one of his friends. This is part of the uplift art program, which aims to stimulate new ideas and generate dialogue by making space easier to access and connect with human experience.
During the ns-17 mission, three portraits of Ghanaian artist amoako boafo will go into space with the new Shepard spacecraft
Blue origin currently operates two new Shepard spacecraft. One of them will be launched next week to study payloads in unmanned missions. The ns-17 will be the eighth space mission of the spacecraft.
In the sub orbital space tourism business, blue origin has a major competitor, Virgin Galactic. Virgin Galactic completed its first suborbital manned mission last month, carrying six passengers and two pilots. The Virgin Galactic spacecraft launched horizontally in the air and then glided to the runway. In contrast, the new Shepard is completely autonomous, and its two main components can return to the ground with parachute assistance.
The price of Virgin Galactic spacecraft is as high as $450000, but blue origin has not announced the cost of taking the new Shepard spacecraft( Tencent Technology (reviser / Jinlu)