Tiktok responded to Tencent video prosecution infringement: “the tiktok storm” has already established cooperation with the jitter.


Tencent tiktok infringement tiktok tiktok and claim 100 million incident tiktok, a respondant of the Tencent video, responded to the twenty-first Century economic report, saying that the court had not yet received the notice of the court. The “black storm” had already established cooperation with the jute, and the Tencent had co operated with the Tencent to make the official account of the third party in the sound of the play, and published nearly 80 million pieces of praise. It is still being updated. Cooperation requires tiktok to plan hot topics and other operational activities. Jitter on Tencent’s previous complaints about the play have been processed in a timely manner, and will be actively dealt with tiktok’s specific circumstances.
Tiktok tiktok, a hit hit by Honglei Sun, was previously unauthorized by the creator of the video. The Tencent video has recently filed a complaint to Beijing Intellectual Property Court on the grounds of copyright infringement and unfair competition. The court has filed the case in August 17th.
Tiktok tiktok tiktok, Tencent video request, ordered to delete, filter and intercept the video of “black storm” on the platform, and stop the action of obtaining illegal interests through the jitter of the infringement video. Meanwhile, it requests the tremble compensation for economic losses and safeguard expenditure totaling 100 million yuan.
Video tiktok said that the right warning letter was sent to the jitter for three consecutive days before the launch, but since the 1 hours of the night of the launch, users had uploaded infringing content in succession, and more clips and even the contents of the collection had appeared after the broadcast. The video frequency of the video was also recorded in the Tencent tiktok.